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Hello! I have just joined and thought I would take a dive into the deep end and say hello (hopefully this is the right place to do that).  I suffer from anxiety and depression.  I have been suffering with it for a fairly long time but it was compounded by COVID, losing my grandma who was overseas and working in a very toxic environment. I have also grown up in a fairly challenging environment as well in which I experienced both physical and mental abuse growing up which has taken its toll despite my best efforts to have stuck my head in the sand and pretended otherwise.  I now see a psychologist and am on medication to manage my anxiety and depression and just getting to that point was a challenge in and of itself, particularly due to the stigma surrounding mental health in my culture.  Some days are better than others and I'm grateful for every good day.  I guess I joined this community because I don't really have anyone in my life who really gets what its like when some days the current is so heavy you can't help being pulled under and its a battle just to keep your head above water.  Before I started getting assistance for my mental health I used to drink a lot.  It was a way of coping with the difficult family situation I was in and I would also spend a lot of time with friends just trying to drown out all my feelings of being stuck and helpless. I've since stopped drinking in excess which is great.  I have so much more clarity.  But more recently, I have found myself really lonely and in a position where I don't really have anyone to turn to when I find myself struggling. 

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Hey Proopra,

First of all: Welcome to the Forums!
his is definitely the right space to share what is going on for you and to gain support from our lovely community. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us here. You have been through some really challenging times and it can feel especially tough when we don't feel like others around us "get it". 

You have taken a lot of positive steps which we hope you can feel proud of. It is not an easy thing to do.

We hope that the community here can provide another source of support and comfort.  If you want to talk through what you’re feeling at any time, the Beyond Blue Support Line is here for you 24/7 on 1300 22 4636. You can also reach them via Online Chat here.  


Thank you again for sharing. We hope that you can feel less alone in this journey ❤️

Kind regards
Sophie M

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Thank you so much, Sophie.  I am really glad to be here. 

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Valued Contributor

Hello Proopra & welcome to the forums,& thank you for reaching out to us here.

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandmother to I'm sure it was difficult being unable to be with her at the time. 

I also am sorry to hear you have had abuse in your past. I hope you are able to talk about that with your psychologist, as well as about your anxiety & depression.

Well done, too, by the way. I am proud of you for seeking help even while your culture made that challenging for you.

It is indeed great that you are not drinking to excess.

I used to drink for a while, & decided it was doing me no good, so stopped that. I have realised that I need to face & deal with the thoughts & feeligs I have, rather than try to blot them out, or push them away. After all the effort I put in to denying & avoiding my thoughts & feelings, they never completely went away. Eventually. things burst out & I could not run anymore.

Things are so much better for having made the choice to seek help.

I have found coming here to BB has been helpful, knowing I can find support & some kind & caring words when times are tough.

& I have a bit of fun, too, because having fun, smiling, laughing are very important things for me to do, so you might see me around the BB Social Zone.

When you don't have close family or friends to confide in or lean upon for support, it's very difficult to know where to find such support. If it wasn't for places like this, I'm not sure what I'd suggest.

It sounds very lonely without the support of people from your cultural background. 

Some people rely on a faith group. Would that be something you'd be interested in?

Some people have found support groups. Personally, I don't go into online groups, except for here, but I'm sure there are some on other social media platforms. Maybe there is a group or two in your area who meet regularly?

But maybe, you would enjoy a more general social group, for people sharing a hobby you do, or a book club, an exercise group, a group doing things for the community or charity??? Who knows? You might make a good friend or two by joining a group.

By all means, though, you are welcome to talk here, anytime.

All my best



Thank you so much for your response mmMekitty! Those are some great suggestions and definitely some I have not turned my mind to.  I am in the process of reintegrating myself into my culture even though its not always the most supportive place, there are more and more people daily talking about mental health and the importance of it so I have joined some groups where I hope to take part in those discussions and maybe even be involved in some change.  🙂