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I can't seem to make reply posts

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I made a couple of reply posts in a thread of mine 3 days ago. I'm just wondering if there's something wrong or if it actually takes that long to moderate posts. Either way, I just can't seem to reply to anyone. 

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear Ruby, I know that you are now struggling with your depression so this must be annoying for you, but your input to the site can also help other people who can click with yours, so it can work both ways, so let's help you.

At he bottom of each post there are  two boxes, 'reply' and 'report post', so just click onto 'Reply' rather than 'Post a Reply' which I haven't clicked at all, so the comment will then come back to you with an empty box and will have your name next to it, so then just start typing.

If you look at your number of posts which you posted or replied back to someone your 3 posts will then change to 4 posts.

Hope this explains your concern.

Can I also say that there are an enormous amount of people who are still struggling with their own depression but also want to reply to other people,as their comment hits a sensitive nerve so they feel as though they want to help this person.

Hope this helps. L Geoff. x

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi there. I tried sending some posts the other day as well, and they seemed to have disappeared into cyber land. Maybe I was pushing the wrong buttons as well, I don't know.

Either way, your message has shown up now, so I hope you have better satisfaction in the future with more messages. I find it helps me immensely when I consider the struggles other people are going through, and I think I can give them some advice, if not then at least some form of connection and the realisation that other people have been through something similar and have empathy with them.

Geoff has given us both a good explanation of how to work things out, so hopefully we will both have more success with our posts and messages to others.

Hope you have a day filled with hope and you find reasons to smile.

Cheerio, from Dools.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi all,

If you submit a post successfully, the screen will refresh and you will be returned to the thread you have posted in with a message at the top reading "Thank you for posting! All posts are subject to moderation prior to being published so will not appear immediately." This means we have received your post and it is awaiting moderation, which can take from 12-18 hours.

A further explanation of how our moderation system works is in the sticky thread Why don't my posts appear straightaway? at the top of each forum stream.

If we need to edit a post or are unable to publish it at all, we will always email you to inform you of this and the reason why.  We will also email you if we move a thread you have created into another category.  You can always locate any posts you have made easily by using the "My posts" tab. 

If you are experiencing errors with the forums, then it would be great if you could report these to us with as much specific information as possible to bb@beyondblue.org.au.  Please include:

1. A screenshot of the error message received
2. What you were attempting to do at the time the error occurred (ie. which thread were you replying to, or if trying to create a new thread, in which forum)
3. The type of device you are using (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) 
4. Your operating system and version
5. Your browser type and version
6. Your connection type (wireless or 3G, 4G)

This will aid us in discovering the source of the problem - which may be at our end, but also could be to do with your connection, machine, software you have installed etc. 

This thread has been closed to further replies, please email us at bb@beyondblue.org.au if you have any more questions or issues. Thank you and have a lovely day! 🙂