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A little help please

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I run a FB Group for Military Veterans who suffer from PTSD It is a support group and provides contact information as to where professional help is available.
There are times that I  have one on one chats with the Vets to get them thru a rough spot, listening to what they are feeling, what they have gone thru can be at times emotionally draining.
Sometimes I need to talk to someone and let my emotions go or to show me ways to handle my own emotions whilst
helping them.
There are times when this  really knocks me around and the black dog comes out to bite again.
I think if I could download to someone it would be of great help.

Is there anyone in Beyond Blue or here in this Forum that can help me
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Tank Girl,

Welcome to the forums. This is a great anonymous online space for talking with others, sharing coping strategies, and "downloading" your day. Have a browse through the various streams and join in some of the conversations, or feel free to start your own thread and our supportive community here will be happy to provide a listening ear for when the black dog strikes.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Tank Girl,

Christopher is right. The forums would be a really good place to vent all of the day's stresses. The work you do must really require you to keep your emotions at bay, and this can be exhausting. You may even decide that you want to get some professional support, perhaps chatting with a counsellor once a month or something similar. I wanted to add that even Psychiatrists are required to see a Psychiatrist regularly in order to talk through any patient scenarios that have caused them concerns.

Hope we will hear more from you.


Thanks Christopher, that Black dog can be a bugga at times. I was asked one day how I cope with all that I hear and feel or when that little bugga bites Not what I recommend for the Vets but for me I occasionally play "Hide & Sleep" lol

When I started the group I remember thinking what will I do if I get 500 members, how will I be able to help that many, well the group is now Global and has 7,883 members.

I have tried to put on Admins but so far none have been suitable and tend to give some off the wall advice, even advising on Meds which is NOT allowed. I cant allow this to happen.

So I am on the site between 12 - 18 hrs per day at times.

I only advise them to get professional help and give the relevant contact info. Other than that I listen when they want to open up.

Nothing shocks me anymore, but I do feel their pain and understand the guilt and emotional turmoil they suffer with the Monster within we call PTSD.

I have sat up many nights listening and talking someone thru the worst, this can be very draining when it happens frequently.

Sometimes I put a SHOUT OUT post up when requested so that other members can say how they cope with ?????

I use a lot of humour on the page and that seems to be very popular and so many say it does help them. Other Posts are Motivational,  about PTSD, Military, & contact info which includes Beyond Blue, VVCS, Lifeline, Suicide Call Back Service and a few others.  

I love helping/supporting the Vets, and now we have current serving members as well as some EMS, plus family members. It has grown well beyond my expectations so I guess I am doing something right.

I just need someone to contact when I feel I am about to go Cave Dwelling or start to feel sorry for myself. That's the last thing these guys need is me being on a downer.


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Hi Agrace, thanks for your reply. I have thought about finding a Psych to download to but to be honest I cant afford one right now I might call VVCS and see if they can help

Otherwise I can let it out on here I really do luv these guys and HELL I feel their pain so much at times.
They have been thru so much, have seen, smelled and done so much and all to help others. These Vets are special humans, totally unselfish, caring humans with enormous hearts.
There is NO such thing as an unwounded soldier, we all know about invisible wounds and the stigma attached to it.
One of the things I am trying to do with the group is to raise awareness of PTSD & Depression and to reduce the stigma. I think the group has made a difference.

Thankyou for your reply and suggestion it is very much appreciated