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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi guys,

Ok now no laughing or eye rolling please asI'm already feeling sheepish & dumb but can someone pls tell me how to post replies to those kind enough to reply to my first post. I know I'm new but I spent time writing a reply but couldn't submit it?? I read the responses to my post, hit the reply at the bottom it then went to another screen load but all my txt was gone so I tried again with no luck. I'm about at giving up level as gee I just don't seem to be getting a break or is it not meant to be I receive help. Like I've said, feeling rather silly 😞

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear Katatonic, I know what you are saying and there's nothing more annoying than when this happens, and trust me it's happened to me many times before, and the second reply is never as good as the first because we tend to forget.

Firstly what I have learnt to do is to copy and paste the comment that I have written, so if this happens then I have still have been able to keep what I've written.

So when it does I go to 'All Posts' and then go through each section, such as the Depression section click onto that and see if the comment you are supposedly replying to is there, and if so click onto it and then try again, and do the same under 'Anxiety', and paste your comment and press 'Post this Reply'.

The buttons on the computer can be sensitive, and quite often I send a reply back but I haven' finished in what I want to say.

 Does this help you but if it doesn't please let us know. Geoff.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Katatonic,

If you submit a post successfully, the screen will refresh and you will be returned to the thread you have posted in with a message at the top reading "Thank you for posting! All posts are subject to moderation prior to being published so will not appear immediately." This means we have received your post and it is awaiting moderation, which can take from 12-18 hours.

A further explanation of how our moderation system works is in the sticky thread Why don't my posts appear straightaway? at the top of each forum stream.

If we need to edit a post or are unable to publish it at all, we will always email you to inform you of this and the reason why.  We will also email you if we move a thread you have created into another category.  You can always locate any posts you have made easily by using the "My posts" tab. 

If you are experiencing errors with the forums, then it would be great if you could report these to us with as much specific information as possible to bb@beyondblue.org.au. 

Please include:

1. A screenshot of the error message received
2. What you were attempting to do at the time the error occurred (ie. which thread were you replying to, or if trying to create a new thread, in which forum)
3. The type of device you are using (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) 
4. Your operating system and version
5. Your browser type and version
6. Your connection type (wireless or 3G, 4G)

This will aid us in discovering the source of the problem - which may be at our end, but also could be to do with your connection, machine, software you have installed etc. 

This thread has been closed to further replies, please email us at bb@beyondblue.org.au if you have any more questions or issues. Thank you and have a lovely day! 🙂