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Hi all,

Just joined today and its great to feel not so alone with everyone sharing and caring about their hurdles. Generally, my mental health has been pretty good, in the past there has been the black dog that comes barking occasionally, touch wood, he's in the pound, but recently its been anxiety and panic attacks.

After a long unemployment gap, due to a back injury, I recently started work in the corporate sales world, something I've never done before.

The brochure was glossy and colourful, but soon sinking into the role, it began to take its toll. Feeling pressured from targets, compliances, and the all the other naff, I started feeling the strangle of the unseen fog. Head spins, heart racing, little sleep, and when I did, I'd wake up thinking about it. All the usual symptoms. Sometimes to the point of having to pull over on the drive in to try gather myself together.

Deciding that the best source of action was to cut the head off the corporate beast and quit, I was shocked to find my parents negative reaction. Perhaps this is a 'boomer' thing, or something that other people have been subjected to?

After trying to be open and tell them of my hurdles in a mini breakdown, the response was 'such is life'. This hurt. Don't get me wrong, they've been fantastic throughout my life, just the time I felt I needed them more than ever, is the time they seem to be furtherest away.

I've decided now to look for something a lot closer to home, and something I will actually enjoy. I know all jobs have certain levels of stress, but not to the point of it effecting your mental and physical health.

Take care all

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Community Champion


Welcome to the BB community! I'm really glad that you posted and i'm sorry about your parent's reaction. 😞

I also quit my job due to my mental health. The manager made me feel so bad. He was racist and sexist.

If quitting your job means you feel happier and weight off your shoulder then I say do it. It's not worth making you feel stressed and bad about yourself. I'm sure you are going to find an amazing job where you feel happy and enjoy yourself. Don't give up.

We are all here for you if you need support. Hope you are feeling okay.

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Community Champion

Hi MJC7791,

Wellcome to our forums!

Sorry your parents reacted to you the way they did…

I understand anxiety I had severe anxiety OCD I’ve now recovered from this condition thanks to the help of health professionals…..

Well done for trying a new job…..maybe the job wasn’t for you I understand…..I believe we grow through what we go through…… with anxiety I understand it can be overwhelming…. I recommend you see a gp and do a mental health plan together this will enable you to see a psychologist who can teach you many strategies for your anxiety………..

If you were to have stuck with this job you may have learned to grow with it in time……… you just need to learn some coping strategies for your anxiety…. And you can..

I believe in order for us to grow we need to be challenged……

Being challenged can come with its uphill battles but once we make it to the top the view is amazing.

Good luck with finding a new job 😊 don’t be afraid to be challenged…… some times it takes a different perspective to see things in a different light……..

Please seek the professional help you need to learn how to manage your anxiety…. It really can be managed…….. by learning how to manage your anxiety you will grow in a whole new way…..

Im here to chat to you