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I have been diagnosed with Depression and medicated accordingly, for 14 years. I had to take early retirement. I and my siblings, who are both free of Depression, have a blood clotting disorder. This was found in 1996 or so and is called Factor V Leiden after the University where it was identified.

My parents and I had the condition twice, meaning when we bleed we clot 70 times faster than 85 to 95% of the population. The condition causes clotting in veins, the low pressure blood return system. My parents self medicated with alcohol, most of their lives.

Clots cause scarring of the vessels, which are muscular. Thus there are small amounts of pain every time blood passes an old clot site. DVTs can result, anywhere in the body. The worst place is in the lungs. The pain may build up and be called Fibromyalgia. "Pain from clotting". Those who are of Aryan descent, especially who came from South Sweden, are most likely to have the clotting disorder. Sicily and Lebanon are also hot spots as the Normans carried it strongly. The clots and scarring may be dissolved by enzymes  but it is a long process. As at least 5% of the general population appear to have this condition, we must be careful to address it as a factor in increasing stress hormone levels, as a result of the pain of obstructed veins, the scarring and the poor drainage of important organs, such as the brain and gut, where Serotonin is expected to be found.

For those with long term depression treatment should address the possibility of other disorders!

I wish you all the best! Slow down, we are the best kind of people.
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hello, and what you have told us is pretty frightening, especially DVT which could occur at anytime, because when someone is in hospital they have to have anticoagulant medication.

This maybe a stupid question but why did your parents self medicate with alcohol, I know that it's to try and numb this condition, but wouldn't it be more dangerous.

I have to say that I used alcohol when I was depressed, but would like to hear back from you. Geoff.



Thanks for your reply. They were unaware that they had the condition. My mum said she drank to forget. The analgesic effect was primary, I guess. There may be a blood thinning effect too? Taking brandy when cold makes the body lose temperature faster, I seem to recall this advice. Thus it seems to widen the arteries and veins. My Dad did get a DVT once. But as I say, we only discovered that 5 to 15% of people have this clotting condition in the mid 1990s. The test is available now and seems to be routine if cancer is suspected. My sister had a scare and found out she had it from both parents, so my brother and I also found out by asking for the test.

The main causes seem to be cold, which thickens the blood, and lack of movement. Possibly bad quality of air is also a trigger.  My wife noticed effects from my donating blood: the lungs got congested. This was the body dumping debris from the clotting, into the lungs, from there it goes to the stomach and is recycled to an extent. Yes, hospitals now know that clotting is to be expected from bed rest.

As the pain accumulates during our lives, it seems likely that many fibromyalgics may be the result? It makes sense to eliminate clotting as a contributory cause to cortisol levels, as a result of this scarring. The body eventually clears away clots, but scarring remains. I take enzymes to remedy this and my thinking is now much clearer. I am also more sensitive to the anti-depressants lately, possibly a positive sign?

Thanks for responding!