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Hello, I am here to fill my lonely afternoons

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I am retired and have had mental health issues, mainly depression, since I was in my twenties. Gradually over all those years I have learned to manage things with medicines and being aware of symptoms coming on, so I rarely have a crisis any more. That makes me very lucky, but still my afternoons feel empty, so I joined these forums to give me a distraction. Maybe I can find some help and give some help at the same time.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Panthora,


A very warm and caring welcome to our forums…


Its really nice to meet you, these forums are a wonderful place to distract yourself from feeling lonely..


Its so good to hear that you are able to manage your mental health and your insightful to the warning signs of depression approaching….Very well done…I have depression and over the years are better able to manage mine as well….PTSD is another story though as triggers come on unexpectedly and can down quite quickly…


I hope these forums are as beneficial to you as they are to me…


Looking forward to getting to know you better and I hope so much to see you around the forums…We have the BB Cafe in the social section which is a fun place..(no heavy conversations)..as well as lots of game type threads…..


My kindest thoughts Dear Panthora,

Hugs…(if you like them).


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Panthora & may I welcome you, too.

I don't get around BB as much or as often I would prefe, so I'm sorry I din't find your discussion earlier.

My conditions are fairly well managed these days. I still appreciate regular sessions with my psychiatrist. I still do not feel secure enough within myself to not have him to talk to.

I am mostly found in the BB Social Zone, playing some of the word games we have & visiting the BB Cafe. I find playing to be the best for lifting my mood & a distraction away from bothersome thoughts & such.

It can be difficult when people retire & find they have time to fill. May I ask you about how you are usually spending your time at home?

As I'm getting older, my physical condition needs more attention, my eyesight in particular continues its unrelenting decline, I spend more time doing everything I do. I still want to do things for myself, but know there are limits.  I feel, unfortunately, less confident about going out on my own, so I only get out when I do so with my support workers.

I'm taking more time preparing meals. I'm doing my utmost to eat healthy, which includes regular fresh salads.

I'm doing some exercise here, but as yest, I don't have an exercise machine of my own to use. So, I go out with a support worker to Sporting wheelies. I will get a better work-out doing an exercise group activity (which anyone can join) & after lunch, get in some more exercise using their machines. This year, I've also had the luck of having two support workers who have pools I can use. That' was what I was doing yesterday afternoon.

I listen a lot to audiobooks, or music, or radio programmes.

I admit I really don't have a lot going on in my life - not as busy as many I've noticed. Mine is pretty boring really. I don't have many people in my life who I am in regular contact with besides my support workers, my & psychiatrist.

So, yes, coming here to BB, I feel I can, to some extent, connect with people across Australia , so many different people, it's rather wonderful.

I hope we chat again, somewhere on BB.



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Here you are again, Panthora. I hope you are getting to learn your way around the forums.

Answering here again, will lift your post up in to the top, like cream! [Smiling LRC]*


* LRC is me, as Little Red Cat, a younger version of mmMekitty, & LRC isn't so little. That's a picture of my cat, which I had for seven years, several years ago.