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Happy to be here

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Well, this is new for me and I won't lie - I don't really know what to say. It's been years since I've contributed to a forum and certainly never one around mental health.

Anyway, this year is the first year I've decided I'm going to do something concrete about my depression, which I've had for a very long time. I am seeing a counsellor and talking to my GP, and am also starting medication. For the first time in living memory, I'm starting to feel hopeful.

My life is getting rocky and things are not going well in terms of work and relationships. But I'm still hopeful for the first time in ages, and I'm looking forward to chatting to everyone here.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Saga, expectations can be high when you are first starting out, which is always good to have a positive mind, but please remember there may be hurdles that suddenly confront you, these need to be spoken about, rather than try and overcome them by yourself.

Is it because your work and your relationship is presently feeling rocky, could be because of your depression, or have these been the reason why you feel this way.

Best wishes.


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Cheers everyone. Great to feel so much support on this forum. Things are not always perfect and some days are better than others ... I guess that's something everyone here can relate to. But the 3 things that are really helping are counselling, medication and mindfulness. That last one in particular. I'm trying to practice mindfulness through meditation and just in day to day life ... some days more successfully than others, but hey, it's not about success.

My relationship is in dire straits and I can't see it being saved unfortunately. I don't know yet ... it's all way too mucky and complex. What's crucial is I'm not getting self-defeating anymore about it, like I was earlier this year before those 3 things above came into my life. I'm not going down that spiral staircase of blackness and self-loathing I was so good at tumbling down before.

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Champion Alumni

Hi saga3,

We are all happy to support you 😊 great to hear about your progress.

Definitely saga3 some days will be better than others but that’s part of recovery.

Your good days will eventually out weigh your bad days the more you practice your skills.

Great to hear your counselling is helping your medication, meditation and mindfulness.

Meditation and mindfulness got me over the line with my recovery it taught me so much, please keep up with it.

Perseverance is what matters just keep persevering.

Im sorry to hear of your relationship but I’m glad that you now are not self defeating yourself.

What we give attention to we give power to……

Try to feed your attention with positivity it will renew your mind 😊