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You may call me Barone.

I've been familiar with Beyond Blue and the work it has done for quite awhile but I'd never thought I'd be in a position where I would be posting on an internet forum about depression. My main issue I feel is being unemployed for a length of time now, where I feel I am simply going around in ever-increasing circles with job hunting activities. I like to think I'm fairly intelligent, I also like to think I am able to recognize potential signs of me 'sliding down hill'. Generally I'm quite good at covering the fact that I feel like this, I certainly don't have anyone I can talk to who would understand how I feel.

Lately I'm frustrated. Really frustrated with my lack of success in securing gainful employment. I'm frustrated where everyone around me seems to be moving on with their lives and I'm stuck. Lack of money, lack of job interviews, lack of steady work....you probably heard the story before but for me it's new, unexplored territory.

Anyway, end of gripe 🙂

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Champion Alumni

Dear Barone

Hello and welcome. Thank you for telling us your story. It sounds like you are in the classic catch 22 situation and I am sorry you are doing it so tough. It does appear unfair that people who want to work and be independent cannot find a job.

Is this because you live in an area where there are fewer job opportunities? If so that does add a layer of frustration to your search.

I am not sure I have heard your particular story before but that is beside the point. Your situation is where you are now and has nothing to do with others difficulties. I presume you have tried all the usual avenues without a positive result. Have you asked any of these employers for some feedback on why you were unsuccessful? You may find a way to make yourself stand out more.

I know it's not easy to be constantly applying for work and it's hardly surprising you are so despondent. Are there any employment agencies near you?

Have you tried volunteering roles? It shows you want to find work and that you are a reliable person. You may also learn new skills. Occasionally jobs come up in these organisations which you could apply for, though it does not happen frequently. It is good to put on your resume to demonstrate your commitment to work.

I'm not certain if I have helped you in any way. You may well have done all these things already.

You said, Generally I'm quite good at covering the fact that I feel like this, I certainly don't have anyone I can talk to who would understand how I feel. Please post in here as often as you need. While we may not be able to give concrete suggestions it is a safe place to talk and vent your frustrations.


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Valued Contributor

Hi Barone,

You sound understandably frustrated ,as you said, plus possibly discouraged too. I feel it can be so disheartening when it comes to job seeking sometimes...

I’m glad Mary kindly welcomed you so I hope it’s okay if I extend another warm welcome to you here 🙂

I like Mary’s volunteer suggestion, which I think is potentially a good idea. Otherwise, if you haven’t already, I was wondering if you might like to get in touch with and employment agency or look up Job Services Australia.

Job Services Australia is run by the Australian government and it’s an employment services program. They even have an Employment Services Information Line; you can find the number on the website. They might have some pointers for you to assist you with your job search...

I hope you’re finding your way around the forums okay. You’re most welcome to write here any time you like...as much or as little as you like. We will try our best to support you...

Kind and caring thoughts,


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Hi Barone.

It could have been my husband writing your story. I am living with his depression, and he spent all last yr looking for work. He is getting v close to retiring age, so v difficult. He has found it extremely difficult to remain positive. I tried to get him to think outside the square as to what type of work he could do.

Throw yourself into any volunteer work that is around if you can. Keep up a daily long walk if you can.

Engage with people, the person at the checkout. The volunteers at a gallery. Hang out at the library.

All ideas for me as well, and my husband. Ahh in an ideal world. I feel for you. Not getting the sleep we need is SO awful, I can feel your pain.

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Wow, it's been over a year and nothing has changed on my end.

The sooner I get out of this shit state the better.

Hello Barone

Sorry to learn you are no further forward. I can only imagine your frustration.

Have you been getting any help with your depression? I know it's not easy to get this under control and feel you are functioning well. Probably stating the obvious but have you talked to your GP about this? They are the people to get you the help you need by referring you to a mental health professional. It may be your depression is what is stopping you get work.

I see it was suggested in the above posts that you find some volunteer work. Have you tried this?

What do you think is stopping you get work? Have you asked for comments from employers? You may find this very useful.

If you want some help and support please continue to post in here.