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Getting to the Nuts and Bolts of Things

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Hi. Just joined. Haven't much of anything interesting or dramic to chat. Jusg saying Hello.

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  1. Hello Thank you for the lovely Welcome on the beyond blue forums and nice meeting you. No it isn't easy to get onto a site to start talking about yourself. it's not in nature to tell anyone about myself unless I've actually met the person and then start slowly by opening up to see their body language as to whether i can trust them enough to continue on. In these awkward times that's no longer the case for many. I'm not to sure what you are trying to convey to me here by saying " The problem we have is that we aren't really being considered by the government". ... so on.

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I agree with Geoff about the govt. Businesses are dying and people’s mental health suffering, all because politicians have now got with the zeitgeist that stopping the spread of the virus is the only thing that matters... that’s a conversation that could last all day though....

what is your training Ezzi and why are you refraining??

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Hello Here2Talk, I've decided to come onto the Beyond BlueForums with idea to support/encourage/contribute to those in need if able. By doing that, it will help me too. We all learn from each other in different ways. There are certain discussions i refuse to allow myself to get get involved in.

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Hello and thank you for having me on the beyond blur forums. I'm havi g an extremely difficult time here in Victoria in lockdown without allowed any visitors. I thought that being on the forums may have helped me.. not doing too good Thank you for those who have encouraged me. Keep up with your great work. Regards ezzi

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Hi Ezzi and everyone ☺

It is very hard having our freedom temporarily shut down hun. What's good is at some point we'll have it back again. It seems when the majority of people get the 2nd jab (needle) we'll be a bit freer until they get it under control to my understanding.

It's awful feeling how you do. Many people including me understand the mental anguish and pain. You're not alone.

It feels like it won't end but with time change and us working towards a better frame of mind we can get through.

Distraction's a good one hun not only helpful it's needed in poor mh (mental health) . As much as it's so hard to do things it's better for us to gently push through.

Excercise doesnt have to be hard and a simple walk can give us believe it or not some energy which helps no end. I assume where you are excercise is allowed? Looking or even thinking and picturing nature can be good. Beautiful trees birdies singing flowers rain on a tin roof. There's a lot of beauty out there.

In these times we need to give our constant downing thoughts a rest and work at thinking of memories or what ahead you'd like to do that can put some light and good feelings happening. It can be great having a goal to work towards.

Do you like music. If so a nice calming song or something you like can give you good feelings even if temporary it's a break.

Any hobbies you've enjoyed in the past is worth thinking about and remembering how it felt doing them.

I've been think Ezzi about you not knowing who you are. It's like what the ... feels quite hollow I've had that too.

I think don't worry too much about that and focus your energy on who you want to be.

Thanks for your lovely comments to everyone. You're very welcome lovey ☺ Talk as much as you like darl. There's usually people listening even when for whatever reason they may not be able to post at the time.

Take care and keep going. We do have what it takes to get through. Sometimes esp in depression we have to dig deep to find light. You probs dont feel like you are but you are strong enough.