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Feel like no understands me just one person in my life

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Hi my names Geniue I used to be on the forums and I did find it helpful I just joined up again after a break away. I guess you could say im feeling so lost and lonely.

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white knight
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Community Champion

Welcome back, you might remember me? I'm still here lol.

You have been here before so you have a mental health issue.

My estimates of people's understanding of mental disorders is-

  • 60% don't, won't or can't understand illnesses that are out of sight
  • 20% have undiagnosed mental illness
  • 10% have the empathy and try
  • 5% do understand as they are incredibly kind and empathetic
  • 5% have a mental illness diagnosed

Very rough figures but the number of people that you think should understand is very low. My main point is that your journey of coping with your problems need the support of those outside your circle of family and friends. Your GP, group or personal therapy etc.

If an astronaut was a family friend and he was describing his flight, would you understand how he felt? Try as you will, many of us wouldn't. Hence the dilemma.

I hope that helps.


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Community Champion

Hello Geniue,

Welcome back! I'm new here myself and always happy to talk. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling lost and lonely, would feel comfortable sharing more?

Hoping that rejoining the forums will be helpful once again.