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Beyondblue forum meetup event in Perth

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
The beyondblue National Roadshow is coming to Perth and we’d like to take the opportunity to thank our valued blueVoices members and online forum members face-to-face.

Come along to this casual afternoon, join in and have a go at playing lawn bowls.

It will also be an opportunity meet people from your local community, chat with beyondblue staff, find out about local mental health services and listen to a special presentation from beyondblue youth speaker, Annabeth Bateman.

Date: Sunday 25 May
Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Location: Sorrento Bowling Club
Percy Doyle Reserve, 40 Warwick Road
Duncraig, WA 6023

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Family and friends welcome!

Please let us know if you’re coming by sending us an email to bb@beyondblue.org.au with numbers.

If you have a special talent, and you’d  like to contribute to or participate in the activities on the day, we’re open to all ideas and happy to discuss.

The Roadshow team look forward to meeting you on the day!
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
There's a few days left to RSVP for this event - numbers so far have been quite slow unfortunately.  Please let us know by Wednesday if you're able to make it by dropping us a note to bb@beyondblue.org.au

I am coming and have already rsvped. 

Thankyou for both the organisers of this event and those who came along.  It was good transcend the internet barrier and prove that I am a real person. 


Hi GA,

Sounds like you enjoyed the Perth forum meetup.

I'd like to go to the Melbourne meetup when ever that is.  Can you tell me what it was like?  What sort of activities were there?  Any public speaking/forums?  Was there food?

I'd also really like to know what you got out of it.



Hi Stitch, 

Great to hear that you are thinking about going to the meetup in Melbourne. 

There was free food and soft drink. There was also valuable information from the local mental health services. We had a speaker at ours, describing her experiences of depression who was very welcoming and honest about how depression had affected her. We even had a question session in which we could both ask questions and share some stories from our own past. 

Informally afterward, it was great to have conversation outside where you could openly discuss your relatively mental illnesses and experiences without the usual reactions. Instead we knew we were either sufferers or carers of people with mental illness so we on some level KNEW what it was like to not be able to get out of a doona everyday.

So I guess it could be best summed up as an extension of these forums- as a place where you could gather and talk openly about what we had been through. You were there in the flesh, with people as opposed to behind a keyboard. I knkw that can be scary for any internet meet up, but it is worth it. 

They also had this awesome pop up bus money bank which know sits on my bookshelves proudly. I got far to excited about having that bus. But I don't care I have a bus now. 


Hi GA,

So glad you got along and had a good time, and thanks for the good review. 🙂


Count me in. 


Finally someone who sees it my way. 


You can put MONEY in that thing??   Maybe I didn't make mine right?  😞  😞

However, it does sit pride of place on my shelf at work.  I honestly don't think a coin would even fit in mine - so I think they've upgraded (in more ways than one) since the Canberra leg.

GA, I'm so pleased for the occasion that you got to experience.  The one I went to, while I was only there for a short while, as I was in a terrible place at the time, and so meeting with people was very difficult for me then - but there was the bus, pamphlets and the like, a sausage sizzle and that was it.

To have had a speaker and then a Q&A kind of thing afterward;  THAT would have been brilliant.

ps:  I must say welcome to little Elsa, but as I write this, I'm very VERY nervous, as Elsa is looking downward - and it appears that her eyes are fixed on Nuggzy!  I'm worried.