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Ask a champ!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi everyone,

This thread is for anyone who has any questions for our community champions- no question is too big or too small or too silly.

For anyone who is not sure what a champ is or who a champ is- here's a post that explains it all >


and if anyone wants to be a champ, here's a post that tells you more >


Hopefully this is helpful- we're all looking forward to chatting more with you and answering your questions!


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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Thanks for posting this RT,

A great way to put the Champs out there and for people who have resonated with specific Champs in the past to be able to reach out to them to support or to just chat with.

Really great idea.



Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi RT...

Thank you for starting this thread..

Its nice for the community members to be able to reach out to a champ..that they may feel comfortable to be able to ask a question or just to chat with..

Kind and caring thoughts dear RT..


Community Member

Hi RT,

thanks for starting this thread. I have a question that community champs might be able to help with.

I'm still pretty new here. A lot of my mental health issues are linked with chronic pain. I recently did a couple of mental health quizzes and ended up with terrible/crisis scores, but really most of my depression and anxiety responses related to the impact of physical pain in my life.

I would like to connect with others who share my experience, but I'm not sure how (or if) I can search the posts to find existing threads on the topic of pain and mental health.

Is there a search function? Or perhaps does someone know where an existing thread on this topic is already underway? I imagine pain is an issue relevant to many of us.

Thanks for reading,


Hello Elithia, welcome to the forums.

I'm not a community champion, just someone on here, but there is a search function. It's on top of the page, and you should be able to type in something such as "chronic pain". Hope that helps.

Hi mb20lover,

thanks very much for that! I didn't realise that the site search function would also search the forums. Much appreciated!

I hope you are doing well this evening?



Hey again. I'm not the best but I guess I'll be ok. I hope you're well though. I like your profile picture, I love all animals.

And yes I think the search function would search the whole website, forums included

Community Champion
Community Champion


I just saw your very caring post to another person even though you have problems of your own. You may also want to start your own thread . If you dont know how I think it is answered under Forum FAQ.

It is up to you, not everyone starts a thread but was just letting you know.

Hi quirkywords,

thanks for encouraging me to start a thread. I've been thinking about it! I might see how I go in the next couple of weeks once I've learned my way around the forums.

And hi again, mb20lover, that was really kind of you to post when you're not feeling the greatest. It was nice to feel I could ask a silly question and get help so quickly. Hope you are finding your way forward...


Hi Elithia,

So glad you got some support here! Also there are no silly questions.

I have been a little MIA but I've just seen this thread and I also wanted to recommend Chronic Pain Australia. They have forums as well and the only people on there are dealing and managing chronic pain so highly encourage you to check it out or have a read -