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Hi there, Im Lucinda thank you for excepting me onto your site and look forward to hearing about and posting any questions i need answered to thege best of anyone's knowledge or just to tell of my stories and experiences suffering mental health disorders for many years now
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Community Champion

Thankyou Lucinda, welcome here. I've been here around 7 years now and we have a huge library - just use search above to enter the topic you'd like to read about or post again like you have about any subject. Alternatively repost in this thread you've started.


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Community Champion

Hello Lucinda!

A very warm and caring welcome to the forums....

Its really nice to meet you...As out wonderful Tony has said these forums contain a large variety of different mental health advice and others sharing their stories...

I hope to see you around the forums...which are full of super kind and caring people...

Please dear Lucinda..post here or anywhere else you feel to...

My kindest thoughts lovely Lucinda...


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Champion Alumni

Hello Lucinda, and a warm welcome to the forums.

Every comment that's been posted over at least the last ten years has so much depth on how much all these different people have been affected, not only with themselves or with someone they deeply care about, it opens our hearts as we try and best as we can to offer as much help or advice and suggestions that may have benefited ourselves in recovery.

It's not easy posting on a site where we don't know a person, but as we continue to be involved we tend to know who a particular person is, simply by how they respond to someone, that makes us feel connected with them and each person is unique to how they try and discuss a problem with a newcomer or someone who has been committed helping others but suddenly have an issue they need to talk about.

We certainly hope to hear more from you.

Take care.