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Transcranial Magnetic Therapy

Succulent Queen
Community Member

Hi All,

I'll keep this short as today is absolutely rubbish.

Has anyone out there tried TMS and what is your honest opinion/results.

Anything you can tell me would be wonderful.


Thanks All.

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Hey Succulent_Queen (love that username!) 

This is a great question, especially as more people consider TMS. 

Beyond Blue has a guide on what works for depression which discusses TMS (on page 45), listing TMS as having evidence of effectiveness with moderate to severe depression. As with most things, what we respond to is highly variable so it can be hard to tell what kind of impact it may have on yourself.

We have an older thread here about TMS, too. Unfortunately as it is still not super common, it can be hard to find lived-experience reviews. 

We hope this can be helpful for you in your journey. Please always feel free to come back to this thread with any further questions or updates 🙂

Kind regards 
Sophie M

Thank you Sophie 🙂