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I have a diagnosis of schizophrenia. I won't deny that. It should have been in the past. But now I'm having trouble getting employment. At volunteer work, even the manager treats me not so nicely on purpose, in my opinion so I have no where else to go or so. I'm seeing a contrast amongst the other volunteers to myself. Everyone else seems to be happy to see me.


It's got to me that the manager does this even though I have no obligation for this work. Now family or so keeps calling the psych teams time after time and I keep getting refused. I had trouble breathing while sleeping so I went to ED and they took me into the psych ward which looks like they will force medication and involuntary treatment. Which got me last time and looks like has got to me again.


The medication sedates me too much that I can't function at work and social interactions. If I want to live my best life I suppose, I must stay off this involuntary treatment. I have a tribunal coming in some time. Wish me luck. I can get into it. Thanks,

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Thanks for sharing your dilemma. It must be so hard for you. Do you have a psych you trust and have you tried  a medication that does not sedate you. I do voluntary work too. 

Hi. Not exactly at the moment @trusting psych :P. The psychiatrist that I've been assigned to does seem pretty flexible.

Apparently the medication they put on me seems to be mild on side effects I suppose. I've tried a couple others. The medication, I noted had side effects only when soon after I took it for some time through the day. So I got to take it at night. But I probably won't take it willingly I'm sorry to say. And will probably have the same effects overall but who knows. Another story for another day 🙂

I might add, I was looking for a "2nd opinion" but that small part was taken down on the initial post. I guess I can understand why especially from an 'official' point of view. Thanks.