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Self-Concept Theory - Has anyone done the work?

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Shout out and Forumites who have done Self Concept with a psychologist?

Apparently it can be pretty emotional.

Any reading suggestions?

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In my personal life... I do not have experience with narcissistic abuse. 


And at the same time I am aware of the effects and that it would affect your self-esteem would be  "normal" (I hate that word) and this in turn worrying about the future and what that holds. 


I also notice that you are taking positive steps with WORKSKIL. 


Just to answer (?) your question about abuse and memory loss... there are a number of articles on the Internet on this topic. So there are two avenues you can take (1) the first is to read the articles and work out what to do next or (2) talk with your psychologist about this?


You can easily do a google search on 


narcissistic abuse and memory loss


and there is nothing wrong (?) with educating yourself. The issue I have here relates to any (self-)diagnosis without professional support (and you have that). 


Lastly, and more generally speaking, many things in life require use or they can be forgotten. I was once learning Greek but if you ask me to say to the alphabet I would really struggle. I am sure that when you start doing something (WORKSKIL) things will come back, even if slowly. I also had brain fog when more seriously depressed.




Thank you smallwolf. That was very helpful. Lack of sleep turns me into an emotional mess. Think I’ll call stumps and try again tomorrow.

You made me less of a loser.

when I started seeing a psychiatrist (as well!) sleep was one of the first things to fix.  They call it sleep hygiene.  I would use sounds of rain, fire etc to help relax me, and not drinking coffee after a certain time. (Another story!) If you want to talk more about that let me know 


and I don't think that you are a loser...  struggling at the moment and I am sure that you have a lot to offer. And yet, things happen (to us) that can make is us think otherwise. You've got this.