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In constant pain and very sensitive to noise

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I have had ongoing nerve pain in my right leg, seen a whole lot medical professionals some specialist and found it lost cause.......I have ongoing numbness, pin, needles, cramps and burning stabbing  pain going day and night.....Incomplete muscle activations, Nerve test clear, sign of numbness but test for nerve conduction remains clear and MRI cleared....so the cause is unknown....but deep inside my gut instinct tells me the cause is external all documented but no help and treatment.


Now after suffering bad side effect from pain med from GP after they knew about it and informed  I just grin and bear it, Phyiso and adrenal rushes to numb the pain!


Add it with sensory issues and wearing muffs to ease the pain of noise....


Just accept is long term and nothing can be done! Oh well such is A life!




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Train rambler

I am sorry you are in so much pain.

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Community Champion

Hi Train_Rambler,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this time of pain! It sounds very challenging and exhausting.  But I am glad you have reached out as sometimes it does help to get your struggles off your chest.


Have you ever sort alternative medicine, eg Osteopath, Chiropractor, Natropath? I can't personally recommend, however I had a friend that was experiencing similar nerve pain and a naturopath/chiropractor really helped them.


What are your self care strategies when you are experiencing pain? Do you know of any grounding techniques?


Hello Fern42,


I do Phyiso and exercise and keep moving as I know the old saying, Use It Or Lose it!


I use Adrenaline  rushes to ease it with my intense passion for rail travel and it works temporary, but when I stop wowwwwie! All the nerve pain returns!


But I found Adrenaline is wonderful when used properly! 


But takes a lot out of you physically whist at it,but it's worth it!


When you are extra sensitive to the noises around you.....it hurts, so ear muffs or warmers is must for me.....but looks funny, but hey I am not the only who wears ear muff in public!


But when nerves are involved it get rather tiring, but with a good train ride I can make it that nerve issue numb temporary, by using my own body pain killer induced by the thrill and adrenaline rushes whist doing what I do best! 


But it stuffs me physically, but it worth it at the time.....as time stands still!