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How do you form habits

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How does one form habits while on medication and is dealing with intense lack of motivation? 


I need to take showers and go out more, but I can't get myself to do anything. If I don't, I wont be able to overcome my depression and anxiety. And I really want to. 


Are there any tips or ways to stop being overwhelmed with tasks? 

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Hi, welcome


Yes, there are ways to help. Depression and anxiety are linked but I'll treat them separately.


Anxiety is a serious illness though some treat it like being a little nervous. It took me 22 years to overcome my anxiety and still I have times when it returns. So accepting it lifelong helps as then I dont have the expectations its gone forever. This link might help




I found depression often comes and goes in cycles. Therefore when at its peak or approaching its peak it is sometimes pointless trying to motivate yourself when you are most likely to fail. That also means you'll get more disenchanted with your efforts and increase your depression. Better to wait for the cycle to run until you are feeling a little improvement in mood eg the cycle is on the up side. 




 "Tricking your mind". If you think about having a shower and you allow your mind to rule your body, then its harder to have that shower. If however, when you first think about having a shower and your mind begins to think "no, dont want to do that" if you immediately switch that toward a physical action, like standing up, you can effectively defy your minds desire to do the reverse. I call it switching mindsets and it has worked for me.




Finally, accepting our illnesses is a big step forward. It involves positive thinking and appreciation. Feeling depressed as you walk to a park can be filled with thoughts that you at least are free and not in a mental health facility, sitting on a park bench you can say to yourself, "I walked here, at least I'm not in a wheelchair" and so forth. The fact is that as you look around in a crowded shopping centre there is a huge number of people that dont have good health, some with multiple illnesses, some with terminal illness. I'm 67 and at 26yo I went to a motivation speech that changed my life. I suggest you look for some to attend.




Repost anytime I'm here daily. I hope the links work for you



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Hi Alel,

Motivation is a hard one. Especially when we are battling things. For me, to do anything,is not to make a long long list, or even a short list, but maybe just have 3 things to do_ get up, have a shower, get dressed. That's 3 good things done there. If small things are what you can do, then just do those small things.

In my own experience I find that getting myself to move is the factor. Once moving I can get stuff done but once I sit I am done for. That means when I have the urge I act on it straight away, even if I feel like I might not want to. It's a bit like pushing a stone down a hill. Once it starts it's good. But the starting can be the biggest challenge. Can playing music help you? I find playing music can get me moving, especially my faves. I find music can make me feel much better, whether its moody or disco.

Having said all that I hear your struggle. But I think the key is small things and movement. Hope this helps.