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Anxiety, how l eliminated it

white knight
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Community Champion

Its a very common topic on this forum, anxiety and its long list of symptoms.

I grew up in a highly strung household. Screams without notice and unreachable expectations...took their toll.

So when a major workplace event came along at 27yo my anxiety came to roost. Its peak was reached. I visited my GP and therapy commenced and lasted 12 months.

My therapist identified l needed the following-

Awareness of the severity of my anxiety

Reprogramming of my thoughts like thinking realistic thoughts

Stop worrying

Learning relaxation

Rehabilitated into a diffetent profession.

He was correct. Add to that, medication for 12 years to "help me on my way"

My change of career went from local law enforcement (where it was full of controversy) to a supervisor of adults with mental illness difficulties in a sheltered workshop.

Some years later a friend told me about Maharaji Prem Rawat and copied tapes of his speeches. My relaxation up till now was using muscle tensioning exercises at night, now l also listen to this fabulous man. Later I'd google his youtube videoes.

Maharaji sunset

Maharaji the perfect instrument.

And many more.

So what other measures?. Well l began to rid my life of toxic people, change my environment to the country, grow vitamin packed vegetables and fruit, revamp finances and utilise direct debit (less bills in the mail, less surprises) and increased my positive thinking by attending motivation lectures.

By 2012 my anxiety was no longer measurable. Yes 25 years. Do readers think it would only take a short time? Likely yes, because l did.

Like other ailments, a pill alone isnt enough, relaxation alone not enough and so on. Its the combination of many things that was most effective for me.

Undertaking a review of all facets of your life is essential for recovery. And dont be alarmed if you try something and it doesnt work. Eg Cognitive therapy didnt work for me but l read here that some have had success.

As it turned out in 2009 it was discovered l had bipolar2 depression and dysthymia. The same personal approach was made. Never give up, review my environment, review friendships, lower stress, lower debt, have a 5 and 10 year plan for goals etc

Sometimes subtle changes are needed like introducing a sport or hobby, sometimes radical ideas like relocating or career change. Whatever is needed put all options on the table.

Anxiety the mental illness deserves nothing less than your full attention.

What works for you.?

Tony WK

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Community Member

Hi white knight,

Great post and very insightful.

Dealing with anxiety is different for everyone and I found with mine, I tend to spend more time around my family and friend when my anxiety is peaking as it helps alleviate it for me, I tried medication but didn't stay on it long as I wanted to control anxiety on my own. Listening to music is a big one for me and playing sport, they relax me on great levels and ease my anxiety. I also enjoy chocolate hehe but that isn't healthy to do everyday.

I would love to partake in the Mindfulness that Mark talk's about on here, and that is something I hope to learn in the near future. I also listen to motivational things on youtube to pick me up or songs that have meaning.. I find they calm me down when I can relate to others.

My best for you,


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Thanks Tony,

Love your post . I too want to try mindfulness. I've never thought to listen to motivational talks, I will try ang google what you suggested.

"anxiety the mental illness deserves nothing less than your full attention" -anxiety the mental illness...great point. When I read about anxiety I read that we shouldn't give the thoughts too much attention, but the illness, well that's a different story.

thanks for a great post.


white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Thank to both of you.

be proactive. Whatever works for you.

Music certainly strikes a chord (sic) for many of us. I love the pan flute for relaxing. I take my music into a nearby forest or top of a hill. Sit and play it.

I'm intetested in mindfulness but dont know anything anout it.

Tony WK

Community Member
Hey I have anxiety just sits on my mind continually for about a week then goes for 5 months then a comes back and goes

Hi Jason, welcome

As you read, I had several processes I had to go through for a remedy and after a long period of support.

So I suggest when one of those anxious periods return you see your GP at that time.


Tony WK

Community Member

Thanks for sharing Tony.

I've been getting through my anxiety and mild depression over the past few months after losing a job. Ive always had the underpinnings of worry and anxiety and have had relaxation/medatative techniques to help, but this spiralled out of control.

Ive been trying a few different things to get me through. Definitely being around my family helps me a lot. I live far from them so this often gets me down. Speaking with a therapist on an almost weekly basis helps 'normalise' me. I also like to talk to my Dr every few weeks or so just for that reassurance that I currently need (a lot of my anxiety/worry is about getting sick/dying - reading it back, it sounds silly, but hey these are thoughts I have!)

Scheduling my day/motivation has been a big help. So what I'll do is roughly map out my day so that it wont leave toooo much time for just "thinking". Even when Im rock bottom and feel like i cant do anything, the schedule is almost like my gym partner - I try not to let it down!

Im trying to keep the faith in the fact that my physical actions, no matter how hard it may seem, will help heal me for the long run.


white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Faithh

Worrying about falling ill or dying can be a defense mechanism. We'll take more care of ourselves if we worry about it. Though worry is non productive in most instances I think we need to remind ourselves of keeping things in perspective.

Mind diversion, keeping busy is so important. An idle mind grows dwelling negative thoughts in my opinion.I noted you are far away from family. This will add to your sadness. Our roots are important but sadly our careers can take us away forever. At all costs consider how this effects your life and explore how you can remedy it.

Another thing about anxiety. Anxiety for me wasn't far from excitement. I once was buying a new car and was about to pick it up. I thought I was nervous with anxiety yet in reality I was excited.

The physical symptoms were similar.I like your idea of a schedule. You really have thought things through with your condition.

Tony WK

Community Member

Hi Tony very impressed with this post.

Some many issues you have dealt with very poignant John CA

Your words of gratitude speak volumes. Thankyou CA

Tony WK