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Changing psychiatrist

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I need some help with information re changing psychiatrists. I’ve been assessed already and diagnosed with ADHD inattentive. 

Will the new psychiatrist want to do their own ADHD assessment again? 

What rights do i have as a client in asking my current psychiatrist to send my diagnosis & other notes to the new one? 

I’m keen to hear if others have had similar experiences and what the process was like to change. I’ve had an awful experience with my current psychiatrist & staff, so I’m nervous in looking for another one and want to save money if I can by skipping the assessment part. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Faith-
First off - Welcome to the Forums 🙂 We are glad to have you here.
I am so sorry to hear about the negative experience you have had and it is completely normal to feel a little apprehensive about starting up with a new one. It is a courageous step to recognise this and move forward with a psychiatrist who might be a better fit.

I have no doubt some of our lovely Forums members will chime in with their own experiences and advice too, but in the meantime wanted to help answer one of your questions.

You certainly have a right to request your current psychiatrist to send through their notes to your new one and is something that is not uncommon. They may still want to form their own assessment, however you also have a right to be clear about what you are looking for- if you are not too concerned about seeking another diagnosis and want to focus more on other things you can let them know this too.  

Best of luck!!

Kind regards
Sophie M

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Hi Sophie, 

Thank you for your help and encouragement. It certainly helps to know this information. 

Can I also ask, do patients have the right to the copy of the diagnosis report or any notes so far? 

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hi Faith-

I haven't changed psychiatrists. But I have changed psychologists and doctors. They tend to want to do their own diagnosis so that they can be sure the diagnosis is correct by their standards. I don't think there's anything wrong with this as it's like getting a 2nd opinion and who knows what they'll come up with. You may find that they diagnose it slightly differently and then have a slightly different treatment plan.


Good luck. I hope it all goes well.

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Valued Contributor

Hello Faith-

I've changed Psychiatrists a few times. I have not asked for them to provide records to the new Psychiatrist I'd be seeing. Since the referrals I've had to get didn't say much, they have each done their own initial assessment of me. But I don't have ADHD, so it may well be of benefit to ask for the old Psychiatrist to transfer records about you to the new one.

I have been looking into the website for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry (RANZCP), to see what they can tell me.  

There may be conditions about transferring records, depending upon your where you live, so it's best to ask anyway.

Usually, you would have a right to view their records. Again, you need to ask.

I wish you well with your new Psychiatrist.



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This is late but thanks for all the info. I’ve asked them to send it to my new psychiatrist and I needed to sign a consent form to release it. 

Hi Faith

I am wondering how you went with this? As I am moving states, so need to get a new Psychiatrist in my new state, but also don't want to go through the time and cost of getting the same diagnosis. Were you able to get your records transferred and use the diagnosis you already have to commence a treatment plan with your new Psychiatrist?

I hope you have connected with a new person that gels better with you

Hi Carli,

The former psychiatrist did transfer my records but he did such a poor job there wasn't much to go by. My new psychiatrist even contacted him directly to ask for my assessment but he had zero response from him or the clinic. He said he will do his own assessment but was trying to save me money for me so we don't have to have multiple sessions for the assessment. It really just proved how I made a good decision to leave the former clinic with their lack of professionalism and ethics.


Thank you for your well wishes. This new psychiatrist is like night and day compared to my old one. It turned out he is an expert in my area. I'm really thankful for him and it has been great since. 

I'm not sure which state you're moving to, but all the best and I hope the new psychiatrist treats you well. 


Thank you very much for your reply Faith

I'm sorry you had a subsequent poor experience with your initial Psychiatrist. It seems to be a common theme, I have had such a poor experience with my Psychiatrist, who does not seem interested in tailoring a treatment plan. It amazes me how they can charge so much for such a poor service. 
I am very glad to hear you have found a specialist in your area, who seems to have gone above and beyond to try to help you. That is so lovely to hear. And great news that they were happy to take a transfer of records from your old Clinician (despite the subsequent complications)
I have moved to Melbourne, and am attempting to find a specialist in ADHD also. If Melb happens to be the city you reside, do you think it would be possible to share the name of the specialist you found on this forum? Or even their website? Although I'm not too sure if it goes against any guidelines? It's just so daunting attempting to find someone new, and re-pay the significant fees if they are not the right fit 
If not, no stress. I am very glad to hear you have found what you were after in the end 🙂

Hi Carli,

No worries at all. I'd love to share his deets but he's in NSW unfortunately. I hear you.. it's sad how expensive it is in our country. I totally agree with you that it's daunting looking for a new psychiatrist especially if you had a poor experience.


I suggest trying to search Reddit's ADHD australia forum. I remember seeing a post gathering recommendations for Australia wide.

Also, maybe try doctor rating sites? I've noticed just now my doctor is on ratemds.com. I don't know how legitimate the site is, but seeing my doctor's name there at least gives me some assurance.


All the best, and I really do hope you find a good one.