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struggling with special needs children

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Does anyone else have children with special needs.I am struggling with mine.My youngest cant use a toilet when their at the age they should be.I am getting tired of changing them,does that make me a bad parent?The constant hyperepisodes are taking their strain especially that i am going through other personal stuff in my life
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That's the best thing to do Mark when you feel like that. Have a good rest and eat lightly. I hope you will feel much better soon. 

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I booked an appointment Friday for the doctors as that was earliest I could get in.Terrible to have such a long wait  when I am so sick.

My son is feeling better and is at school today.I think I have something different to him.My covid test was negative.qqq

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Hi Mark, good idea to see the doctor, maybe there is something he can give you to help you get better. It's very unpleasant to be feeling sick in hot weather as well!  You must be feeling poorly.  I'm glad that your son is better at least!


Not much news here as it's been terribly hot, really dreadful, and I just stayed home to care for the kitty and did some grocery shopping this evening.  I had a problem at the checkout and had a lovely woman from the store staff assist me with the problem - it was my fault but she was so helpful and good humoured about fixing it for me.  


I asked to speak to the store manager who turned out to be a very young woman and I told her this lady's name and how marvellous she had been in solving my checkout problem which was a triicky problem at a busy time of the day for the staff.


The store manager was delightful and I think she was glad to hear good news instead of a customer complaing about something!  Anyway both staff were excellent and I think it's nice to let people know when they have done a good job and been helpful.


Kitty is exhausted from the heat - it must be tough with fur all over your body!


I hope you feel much better soon Mark.

hope you feel better Mark . Sorry if my username is confusing, i have tried now to change it with no luck.

What dvds did you watch? 


Hi is that you sleepy?Went to the doctors yesterday and said I looked very unwell and gave me some medication.Hopefully be better soon.Just been in bed watching DVDs as I don't have TV reception in the bedroom.I have been watching all sorts of things like Harley and the Davidsons,Curse of Chucky,Mister Johnston,The Goodies,The Twilight Zone and few other movies.

I hope you are well.


It sure is me.

In full transperency I had a shaky experience when I tried to rejoin the forums as there was confusion behind the scenes as if I was pretending to be someone or something. Its the same account from the beginning. when i closed  my account it became guest. 




It sure is me. so great to be back and had amazing support loggging back in - hopefully can change my picture soon as well! 
Hope you're feeling better.

it was so good that the team helped me get back on to the forums and responded so personalised with care to my mental health - really helped! was so easy and helpful to log back in!

here i'm at home watching tv

Hi sleepy it is so great to see you again and be able to correspond with you again on here.Yes it seems hard getting onto this site at times.I know when I had a break I really struggled to get back on here but worked it out adventurally without losing my profile.

I pulled another DVD out of the cupboard yesterday and watched Mr Rice's Secret with David Bowie and A problem With Fear.They are good movies to watch.

I am starting to feel better but am annoyed as one of the medications I had to take I had to pay full price and I asked the chemist why it wasn't on the pbs and she said the doctor had not put on it was.I am a concession card holder and this tablet has always been on pbs for me the times I have needed it.I was to sick at the time to argue to much about it and just got it as u needed them and it ended up costing me $44 for 10 tablets.Vergy annoying.

It is my birthday and my sons in just over weeks time next Monday and Tuesday and now I have less money to buy the rest of my sons presents or do something next weekend with him.

What do you like watching on TV?I like watching comdies and sport and documentaries and movies on the SBS movie channel and also shark tank.

I had a storm here last night about 1:30am and it was lovely listening to the rain.I couldn't sleep last night to much and very tired today.

I hope you are well.

Take care,


hi mark i'm a little annoyed for you that the Dr couldn't help you access meds at an affordable rate... i hope that you have better news soon that you get the money back in another way (sometimes life works out funny like that) as i undersand you care about spending the money on your family. I am sure the love you feel for your family will translate through.


i love the SBS movie channel - they have the best stuff! i was watching a netflix show tonight called "Stutz" where a man makes a documentary discussing the relationship he has with his therapist. There was a meditation and some tools in it - very inspiring for mental health. 

Sometimes i do watch silly things but i mosly like comedy and true crime.

sounds like you enjoyed the soothing rain - it is so meditative and healing. nice chance to take a deep breath and feel cozy.


in hospital recently i started meditating and i really enjoyed it. i am looking for meditation classes via the ndis. My brother told me about something called "mindfulness based stress reduction" so i called a few centres to see if i could join a class.


hope you had an awesome weekend.