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feeling tired and drained physically with mental health

Community Member

how can you control tiredness with your mental health? and to know when your pushing your body to do too much.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Shenai_123~

Welcome here to the Forum. I hope you find it helpful. If you look around you may find others who have had to deal with similar circumstances and what may have helped them.


I guess I ought to point out that tiredness can come about for many reasons including diet, physical fitness,  illness and medication as well as from a mental health condition or even overwork.


So first off may I ask if you have been to a doctor and been tested to see if the cause can be established?


To try to answer your second question first, how do you know if you are pushing your body too hard.  I guess that is a judgment call based on the activities you are trying to do (do you have new harder tasks at the moment?) and also how you have been able to get along in the past.


With mental health issues again medical advice would be good. I do remember when depression was realy bad (I'm not suggesting you have depression, I'm no doctor) I found not only was I terribly tired but also had no motivation. Just getting up in the morning seemd impossible. Eventually I did it in stages, and saw each as a triumph, where before when simply not getting up at all I felt I'd failed -even though it was not me, but the illness.


As my mental health improved the tiredness lessened and my motivation increased.


If you would like to come back and say some more about your circumstances and what you are having to face that would be great



Hi my name is Fiona and I have been living with depression and anxiety for 18 years, most days are routine stuff as anything that I’m not expecting causes anxiety and I have trouble sleeping and also getting in the car to do day to day stuff.

I have been struggling quite a bit lately with sleeping through the night and it’s causing so much anxiety for the next day, I also struggle with the constant feeling of being tired and overwhelmed.

Are there any tips that you may have to help?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I've lived with chronic depression for over 40 years.  Anxiety has also been big problem in my life.  In the last 16 months, a medical problem/situation has made things even more difficult for me.  I take medication (psychiatrist & GP approved) to improve my sleep at least 4 times/week.  I haven't been great on the not pushing my body too much front - reliant on others helping me.  I have started setting lower, more realistic, expectations about a month ago (a suggestion by another person).