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Need Support from my Husband

Community Member

Hi, this is my first post. I'd like to know how others deal with their emotional problems without the support of their partner. I know partners must get tired of their partner's problems but mostly I would just like a hug and a bit of love if I have a bad experience. I don't have close friends or other family who can do this either. 

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Qld thanks for your post. This is a very thought provoking question. 
have you ever asked for what you would  like. 

I have learnt not to rely on a loved one who can’t give me what I need. 
I f I don’t expect it I learn to be my own support network. 

Community Member

Have you asked for a hug directly? I've been doing that or just hug my partner when I'm down. I also hug a pillow. 

Community Member

Hi QldMum, 

Thanks for posting. I am also experiencing the same.

I have found self support most helpful like quirky words and Sophie25 have mentioned.

Though I would prefer getting support from a loved one, it's not always possible. 

Found asking for a hug, and not going further into what was upsetting me until my husband was ready to ask worked more than talking first. 

I also found it helpful to decorate my home and work surroundings with things that 0 prompt positive thoughts like cute, funny or sentimental things.

I hope you are doing better.