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My husband has schizophrenia and smokes marijuana

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Hi everyone! I’m new into this site. I just want to express how I feel as I am really going through tough times. I am married for 8 years with my husband who has schizophrenia. He has been stable most of the time and takes his medication. Early this year I notice some changes on his behaviour and he started to smoke cigarette, drink a lot of alcohol, and other things... I tried to encourage him to seek help but he does not want to. My marriage is breaking because he does not want to give up smoking, and does not even care when i said I will leave. I cant have a proper conversation with him because everytime I tried, he will just smile or laugh and not talk at all. Sometimes he gets aggressive towards me and verbally abuses me. I dont know what to do 😔
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Hi Eepyka, 


That sounds like a really distressing situation and it must be difficult to cope with. My uncle also has schizophrenia and relies heavily on drug use. 


While our situations are considerably different, I hope you know you are not alone and remember to prioritise your own mental health and physical health. 


I recommend getting in contact with a psychologist, as they can help you navigate the situation and provide adaptive coping mechanisms to overcome these hardships. 


Additionally, if your husband continues to respond negatively I also recommend contacting 1800 737 732 which aids individuals that experience domestic violence 24/7. 


Best Wishes


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I'm really sorry to hear about the tough situation you're facing with your husband. Dealing with schizophrenia can be incredibly challenging, and it's clear that you care deeply for his well-being. It's concerning to hear about the changes in his behavior and substance use. It might be beneficial to reach out to a mental health professional who specializes in schizophrenia to discuss the situation and get some guidance. If you're looking for support or resources related to cannabis and mental health, you can check out drug and alcohol websites which have forums and information that could be helpful in navigating this complex situation.

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If your husband's behavior is becoming aggressive and verbally abusive, it's crucial to consider seeking support for yourself, whether through counseling or talking to a therapist who can help you navigate these difficult circumstances.

What I can suggest is to substitute weed with something less harmful. For instance, you can consider using a CBD vape pen. Still, it's essential to focus on the more immediate concerns related to your husband's health and safety. Encouraging him to seek professional help for his schizophrenia and substance use is the first step.