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Mental Heath and Bullying

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My 13 yrs old has been bullied ongoing for nearly two years, due to other ongoing issues she’s now too scared to go out, make new friendships and believe no one to like her. Has anyone have any ideas on how I can support my daughter? 

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Champion Alumni

Hi cuca, 


I’m so sorry this is happening.


Have you thought about having a chat to your gp about this ?


Sometimes if anxiety is present it can cause people to withdraw and not want to go out.


Seeing a psychologist can be helpful they can give your daughter strategies, strategies to help her.


Just try to be there for your daughter sometimes just sitting with her is helpful and being kind and supportive.

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Have you thought about changing schools? If the bullies are at her school, it's unlikely she will ever really feel comfortable at her current school again. At a new school she could have a fresh start. You could also take her to see a counselor. A neutral person may be able to help her work through any issues she is concerned about and make suggestions that might help her make friends. 

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Community Champion

Hello cuca,


I'm so sorry to hear how your daughter has been treated. No child deserves to be bullied. As this has been going on for 2 years, it's understandable that the bullying now affects all different aspects of her life. 


If you could remove her from the situation that could be a great for immediate help. As Karen0901 mentioned, move to another school or cut off interaction with those social circles. Speaking to a school counsellor could also be helpful as your daughter might be familiar with them and feel comfortable talking. 


Speaking with your GP about a mental heath plan would be the next best step. A psychologist can help build up her confidence and challenge the beliefs she has that no one likes her. 


In the meantime, just be there for her. Don't pressure her to make friends. Spend more time with her, going out to the movies or going to dinner as a family.


Wishing the best,


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hey cuca, i have recently just turned 14 and experiencing they same thing at the moment. i believe the best thing to do is no matter how impossible it may seem, listen listen listen. give her maybe 1-2 weeks where they can just stay in their room and slowly start to come back to normal.