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How to re-enter society?

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Hi, I’m 32 and have a lot of medical issues as well as severe depression and anxiety. I have become more and more of a recluse as my chronic fatigue worsened and I was sleeping 15+ hrs daily. Due to my chronic health  I had to move back into my parents home. I see my family daily but I don’t have any other social contact like going grocery shopping or a workplace etc. 


I find it very stressful to leave home and haven’t driven in 6+ months. The only time I do go out is to doctors appointments. I’m struggling to try and break this pattern and wondered if anyone had any suggestions? 

I find it challenging mentally but also physically as I deal with chronic pain and struggle to sit for long periods. I’m allergic to all grass and can’t be in the sun either. The chronic fatigue makes it hard to do chores like laundry so I find I spend most of my time in bed sleeping. 

My depression is also very bad so I’ve no motivation to listen to music, watch tv or play games. I just sleep or rest. I used to be a bright individual. I had a career and was totally independent and now I’m trying to survive off a pension. I feel ashamed. I’m terrified of seeing people who knew me before I got sick.


I’ve set myself some goals: I’d like to volunteer one afternoon a week and to attend church weekly and try work up from there as my health allows. 

Any tips for the reclusiveness or even managing chronic fatigue would be greatly appreciated 

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello and welcome,


I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you've been facing with your health.  And it's great that you've set some goals for yourself, like volunteering and attending church.


it's important to be patient and kind to yourself as you work towards your goals. Celebrate even small accomplishments and remember that progress takes time. Have you spoken with your GP about the matters you have mentioned in your post? They may be able to offer additional suggestions and support.


Listening to you ...


As for music, what kind of music do you enjoy listening to?