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What do you call this?

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Recently for the past year rather than self-harm I'm feeling the opposite but not necessarily in a good way. I have these thoughts of wishing/wanting the rest of the world to go away or more like wanting to be the only inhabitant of this planet as opposed to how you would usually describe self-harm as if it would be me who is "leaving." I don't mean this is in an aggressive way I just feel like my life would be so much better without anyone in it. I'm not really sure there's a term for this or something similar. I don't think I described it well either because it's hard to explain it. I've tried to talk about this to my therapist but I don't think I got my point across.


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Hi myeolove,


Thank you so much for posting on here. I'm sorry you're having difficult thoughts and feelings, but glad they're not directed toward yourself.


Do you get to have much quality time to yourself? Would you call yourself an introvert? I have found significantly reducing the amount of time I spend on social media helped with the sorts of feelings you're having. Also building in lots of quality alone time to do artistic things etc. Also does your current work/study situation allow you to spend time alone? You might be able to arange more of this by speaking to a t teacher/manager. 


I don't know if there's a psychology term for what you're experiencing - I'm not sure if you'd describe it as social anxiety? Regardless, remember there's nothing wrong with being an introvert! 


All the best,