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I'm really struggling.  I am going to a psychiatric clinic on Thursday but I have been so many times and get out and then just go back to struggling.  My kids were taken off me in 2022 and I just can't cope without them.  So I'm trying to get better and get help whilst struggling.  My mental health was used to take them off me but then I'm suffering more because I don't have them.  They were my world and now I feel so alone.  I am starting to wonder if I should give them up and move on if I can.  Cos it hurts so much not having them and then being kept from me.

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Community Champion

hello and welcome.


I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling and in such pain over losing your children. I cannot comprehend what that would feel like, but must be incredibly difficult and feel so unjust. It makes complete sense you would be devastated not having them in your daily life when they mean so much to you.


I'm glad you're continuing to seek help and work towards improving your mental health, even when it feels frustrating and hopeless. Reaching out takes real courage when you're carrying so much hurt.


For now, be extra gentle with yourself knowing how much trauma you've endured from this loss. Allow yourself to grieve fully. Find people who will listen without judgment. Listening if you want to chat some more...

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Hi Clea,


Hope you are well.


I have 3 adult children and although I have never had them taken from me, I can empathise with your feelings of grief.


I was forced to return to work when my children were very young so I feel that I was robbed of not being the stay at home mother who was there for them the way I truly wanted to be. I at least had them at bedtime and most weekends when I wasn’t working.


If I can advise anything at all, use the desire of wanting your children back in your life to motivate you to get better. Mental health is such a hard one, as no Doctor can estimate your recovery time frame.


My daughter moved overseas when she was only 19 and she is extremely happy and secure with her life. So although I wish I could hug her every day and wished I could see her more often, I am proud that her upbringing has made her a confident resilient young woman.


Don’t be afraid to tell your Doctor that you need your children back in your life to help with coping and inevitable recovery.


All the best Clea 🙏🏼