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Tired of living but have to for my husband and kids

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I am so exhausted and feel like every day is a battle but I can’t talk to anyone because no body wants to listen to someone complain. Especially when there is nothing to complain about really. I’m tired of pretending I’m ok. I love my kids and my husband so much which is why I have to keep going. This feeling never goes away but some days or weeks are just harder.
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Dear Anna84,

We are pleased you found the courage to post about your internal pain and confusion. We are a very helpful and supportive community. Our members have been through quite a lot, so we feel pretty sure some will understand where you are coming from. And, we all really want to hear what you have to say.

We understand that you are feeling exhausted with life. We are pleased that your love for your husband and children is currently giving you the strength to continue, despite your bone-deep exhaustion; if we are understanding you correctly.

One thing we really do know is, almost everybody needs to feel heard and validated. It sounds to us like you don't feel like you are allowed to have a voice of your own. Would you be willing to talk about any of the things which you believe nobody wants to hear? We would truly like to hear you.

Besides all of us in this wonderful community who are interested in reading what you wish to write, we would also like to encourage you to call the counsellors on BeyondBlue Support Service at 1300 22 4636, or Lifeline on 13 1114, if you would prefer to talk to someone.

Please know, we are here, and we are listening.

Warm regards,

Sophie M.

Community Member

Hi Sophie_M,

Thank you for your reply. I think you do understand me correctly.

I am willing to talk but the thing is, I really don’t have anything to complain about. It’s just my head. What would I say to anyone? I just feel sad and worried all the time about everything and nothing. It goes away sometimes but it’s always there beneath the surface.

I just feel overwhelmed constantly and keep going through these periods. I have been like this for years and have tried many many things. It was just a really bad day when I posted and I wasn’t coping and felt the need to verbalise my feelings.

I don’t know what the solution is but I will keep trying.

Community Member

Hi Anna84,

Sorry to hear that you've been feeling exhausted and have that pressure of pretending to be ok. I know you mentioned that you don't have much to complain about, but feeling sad and worried all the time doesn't necessarily need an external stressor. And you certainly don't need to bear it alone. Alot of the time these feelings can come various sources. E.g. I remember when I had my first bout of depression, things were going great for me at the time but seemingly out of nowhere I lost all sense of motivation and self worth. It wasn't until I sought help that I discovered sometimes that depression (which is what I was diagnosed with) can be genetically predisposed.

This is not the case for everyone but I would certainly advise making contact with your GP. Just because you can't find something to 'complain' about it doesn't disqualify your thoughts and feelings. There is also some great information on this site about a range of mental health issues such as depression. Home>the facts>depression>what causes depression. Hope this helps.


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Champion Alumni

Hello Anna, when people are suffering from any type of depression it's not easy to say to anyone why this is, where do you begin and what can you say for them to believe you, especially when they believe you have everything going for you and there should be no reason for being depressed.

The trouble is they don't know what may be happening at school, work or with the family, this is when if you are under age you ask for a parent to take you to their doctor.

If you are married then your responsibilities may not be recognised or appreciated and need to seek help in ways that suit you and this could change for your own convenience.

Best wishes.


Community Member

Hi Anna84,

I hear you… we all hear you… we’re all there with you.

I understand that you felt very low when you posted and it’s a positive that you reached out.

Life is exhausting and especially when you feel depressed and hopeless about your future.

I try to look forward. I live for my children and for my future grandchildren who I can only dream about. I have decided that I too am living for them.

I too have intrusive thoughts and awful dreams. I have managed to block them for the most part.

And on the contrary, we are here to listen to your “complaining”. Everyone has a right to speak from the heart.

I am sure that I too looked like I had it all, a beautiful house, beautiful happy healthy children and a good income that allowed me a nice lifestyle. Looked perfect from the outside. But I didn’t see it. I worked my life away and barely saw my children so we could look like we had it all. I wasn’t happy.

My husband was ecstatic about all the material things that money could buy. I was miserable and would have given anything to change things.

At my lowest and most exhausted I sat on the kitchen floor bawling my eyes out all because I was called into work for yet another weekend and I had to miss my own daughter’s birthday party. I felt like the worst mother.

I worked 6 weeks straight of 12 hour shifts without a break. This happened often. My husband picked me off the floor, ushered me into the shower and out the door and off to work. That was the level of support that I received.

I hit absolute rock bottom and started saying NO. I had to say No, No More. I worked myself sick.

Society puts an enormous amount of strain on women to have it all. But at what cost?

Stay safe and keep reaching out.

Community Member

Thank you Bob_22. I read the the facts about depression that you suggested. I think for me it is a combination of my personality as well as being genetically predisposed to depression. I am a chronic worrier and it runs in my family.

My GP is aware. It is certainly not new for me. I am medicated and manage it quite well but get so overwhelmed with life sometimes. It is not an easy topic to raise with people either. I don't have many close friends. I get along really well with people but have social anxiety as well which makes it hard for me to open up or form deep friendships even though I would love to be able to.

Thank you for responding 🙂

Community Member

Hi Geoff,

Yes that is exactly it! Where do you start and how do you justify it? It feels so unwarranted and selfish to feel this way.

I was reading the news earlier tonight trying to fall asleep and there are so many horrific things happening in the world to others. I am incredibly lucky

Community Member

Hi Faitlux,

That sounds so stressful. Can I ask what you did? Are things better now? Society really does put so much pressure on everyone to be perfect.

I am in a similar situation. Married with 3 kids, a house. We both work full time. We are so lucky and I am so grateful for what we have. We are not well off though. I feel torn between working and being a full time mother. My husband is wonderful, loving, supportive but I don't think he understands how drained I am. Every waking moment is spent worrying. I worry about being enough for my kids and looking after not only their basic needs but their emotional needs as well. I feel like I am not as good as other mothers.

I look after our finances, even though I am terrible at it. I have asked my husband over the years if he could take over but he never seems to end up doing it.

I am much like every other mother I guess. I do the groceries and clean the house on the weekend and have kids over for sleepovers every other weekend. But to be honest I just want to sleep. My head feels like it is in utter chaos.

I feel that if I gave up work I would be a much better mother and wife, and family life would be so much more enjoyable for everyone. I am always rushing around but never achieving anything and I worry I am not here enough for my kids.

Community Member
I am also worried my husband has no motivation to do well in his job so I can't really be a stay at home mother because I need to earn money. I have a good job that I like and I feel very lucky to have it. Ever since covid my husband has been working from home and has been very reluctant to go back to the office. He is in his element because he can work from home but play his online games as well. I know this is his outlet but over the years there have been many arguments about the amount of time he spends playing them. We also had covid recently and he seems to be so tired and has no energy since, so he can't help around the house much at the moment.
I suggested that maybe her could be a stay at home dad and maybe I could try to progress at work to make up for some of the lost income. He said he would do that if we could afford to but I fear that instead of taking on all of the 'stay at home mum' tasks he would play games all day. I also realistically think it will be too hard for us to manage financially so I don't know what to do.
I love my family so much. I am just so overwhelmed and exhausted and I feel trapped between having to work and be a good mother. I feel like I am failing at both. My husband doesn't worry like I do. He doesn't worry about the kids emotional needs the same way. He doesn't worry about groceries or if the kids have what they need physically and emotionally every day. He doesn't have to worry about making sure we leave enough money for petrol and groceries each fortnight. He doesn't have to rush around and clean the house because visitors are coming over.
I know this is all so normal but I think my depression and anxiety makes it hard for me to cope. I am either going a hundred miles an hour or I cannot get out of bed and have bad thoughts. I feel sick when my husband tells me people are coming over because I am too drained to interact. I do think I manage my depression quite well though. I take my medication, I try to exercise when I can, I love having alone time to do yoga, just watching you tube videos. I very rarely drink because it messes with my head too much. But it still feels like I am forever climbing a hill and never reaching the top.