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Should i tell my therapist that I want to kill myself

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Hi everybody, 

I am a 19 year old male who still lives at home with family. 

I am wondering what would happen if I were to tell my psychologist that I feel suicidal sometimes. I really don't want my family to know this about me. 

Any response is greatly appreciated. 

by the way, I am not in any immediate danger of committing suicide, and I highly doubt that i ever would. But every now and then I think about it quite deeply. 

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Hi Richardb3,

Thank you for posting to the forums so openly and honestly.

We're so glad you've come here and asked this question as well "What will happen if you tell your psychologist how you feel suicidal sometimes" as you don't want your family to know this about you.

Due to privacy laws, this information remains confidential, and no-one will know this at all. Your psychologist cannot tell anyone anything you tell them, unless it falls under mandatory reporting requirements. Mandatory reporting requirements state that if someone states they are about to hurt themselves or someone else (or disclose information about the abuse of a minor), there is a legal obligation to report this and to take any required action to ensure safety. If you are not in any immediate danger this does not fall into this category. Thinking about suicide and actually having a plan to do something are two different issues.

As you are over 18, you are also considered an adult, and this means that your therapist wouldn't disclose ANY information about your sessions with anyone without your written and signed consent.

Also, because we are worried about your wellbeing, we have reached out to you privately.

If you feel like talking to one of our counsellors (phone or webchat), or perhaps even KidsHelpline, you should know that these calls are also confidential and cannot be shared with your family either. However, if you do disclose an immediate risk, we will need to work with you to keep you safe.

We'd love to let you know that we actually have a suicide safety planning app called Beyond Now. Please have a look at this as it's worth your time. You can even go through it with one of our counsellors, or from Lifeline if you like.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards, 

Sophie M

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Hi Richard, welcome


As Sophie mentioned as you are not in immediate danger and you dont have a plan then it is not a reportable thing. But lets face it, it is very concerning and I'm really glad you came here to discuss it.


In 1996 I had a attempt and survived. Like you for a long time I'd entertained the thoughts towards it. So what saved me? Well, a full reassessment of my life was what I desperately needed. That included all areas like-


  • My living environment. I had to move away from my toxic marriage. Living at home might not be ideal for you
  • Career. I changed it. I was on shift work which is a no-no for mental health. I changed employers
  • Hobbies. I took up an old hobby- model airplanes that forced me into a social network that proved vital for my confidence and happiness.

The following link can help a lot. I wrote it 8 years ago.





If there is anything else I can help you with please ask. But to answer your question yes, feel free to mention your thoughts to professional medical persons. 



Thank you very much Tony

Thanks for your helpful response Sophie

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Community Champion



Sophie_M has really answered your question, but I also wanted to add...


It sounds like you want to tell your psychologist about feelings of being suicidal. This is a big step. I found it hard for various reasons that I won't go into here. If you do tell them, they will likely provide you with the tools to help you in these times. 


When my wife found out these things about me, she seemed to take it in her stride. That is, she supported me at that time without going OTT. I obviously do not know anything about your family, but if or when you tell them, I would hope they would have a similar reaction ... that is, one of being supportive.

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Hi Richardb3,


When we think about disclosing these type of thoughts to our therapists it can cause alot of questions inside of us.


In my lived experience I did experience these thoughts regarding suicide but for me these thoughts terrified me, I didn’t want to act out the thoughts but just by having them in my mind really scared me.


I did disclose my intrusive thoughts to my phycologist because I thought to myself if I don’t disclose whats truly bothering me then how am I going to get better?

Thanks for your response smallwolf. 

Thanks for your perspective Petal22