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Limit to support

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First of all I’d like to thank beyondblue for their past help. I know i’ve used the service alot in all sorts of states but i’ve cleaned myself up and i’m trying hard to get my life on track; not drinking alcohol, not using substances, eating right, working with my GP to get my medication right, talking to my psychologist regularly and being open and honest about my past. 

I just want to know if there’s a limit to support. Yesterday I reached out to your chat line and was told I should “refer to the services I was provided in the past”. I thought this was a once off so I called and got told “I know a really good book”. 

I was feeling low and had suicidal thoughts and just wanted to talk to someone but I guess I’ve burnt that bridge somewhere along my rocky road to recovery. 

I’m safe, I’m not going to do anything but I’m tired of feeling this way. From now on i’ll handle this myself I just wanted to know if your support has a limit. Thanks

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Hi redtornado
Thank you for confirming your safety and for reaching out to share how you are feeling this evening.  It sounds like you were having a low day yesterday and how saddened we are to hear you reached out only to leave feeling that the support you received had reached its limit.
We can hear that its been a long and arduous journey in terms of getting your life on track and a big part of this is having that courage to acknowledge where you are at and to engage with support services.  As you know, there are various avenues to support (for example face to face, chat lines, telephone lines, even this online forum!) and each has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of what you might take away from them.  However please know that here at Beyond Blue, there is absolutely no limit to support so please don’t let this one experience hinder your good progress so far.  You are an amazing human being.
We will reach out to you privately to offer you additional support to follow up on any concerns you may have.  Thanks again for posting this evening, it shouldn’t be too long before one of our beautiful community members respond to your post.  Please take care.
Sophie M

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Champion Alumni

Hi redtornado,


Im so sorry to hear that you may have had this impression.


As Sophie M has said there is no limit to support with Beyond Blue.


Well done with your progress it’s great to see how far you have come.


We are a very caring supportive community here on this forum, please reach out to us anytime.