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Hi BBers,


I think I may have schizophernia. It runs in the family and I have not been able to get my act together for a few years now. 


Can anyone recommend a GOOD physician?



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Hi there, it is difficult to recommend a good doctor, because what is good for some, may not suit others.   I had a well respected psychiatrist for many years until he retired.  After seeing another psychiatrist I realised that my previous psychiatrist was not really the best for me. There were things I did not like about him, but I did feel that I could trust him.   I have one now that suits me and is very helpful, but it is expensive to see him where I go.  He does work in a public hospital but that is 50 km away from where I live and work.  I hope you find someone who can help.

Thanks Hopefull17,


The mental health crisis is evident with psyche services either fully booked with long waiting lists or not taking new people at all. The one I was seeing is on long service leave.


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