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Non-suicidal self harm over 50

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Hi all. First time poster here. I scared myself yesterday.I  am not suicidal. Yesterday I was feeling a super-combo of anxious, depressed, sad, mad and angry, including mostly angry at myself and I impulsively hit my head. I now have a floater in my eye and am going to the optometrist today to check that it's just a floater and not retinal detachment. I feel nervous about having to lie to the optometrist but am more worried about how I got to this point. How it got this bad this quickly. I need help to change my life circumstances and way I react to things I know, but for now, I am alone in this bit. I simply cannot bring myself to tell anyone I know that I've hurt myself. Any advice would be appreciated.. even to know I'm not alone in this type of experience... thankyou

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Dear Ann_Pseudo,
Firstly, let us welcome you to the forums. Thank you for having the courage to share your difficulties managing self-harm behaviors, we are glad you are seeking support from the community. We are pleased that you are getting your eye check by a professional, it is always better to be safe.
Have you discussed these feelings and reactions with your G.P? It would mean having that difficult conversation with them and being honest about how you feel /respond to those feelings. But we believe that though this you will be able to request referral to a psychiatrist or psychologist to receive support and guidance to minimize the self-harm response and develop new coping strategies.
If you have trouble accessing a G.P, you could try Someone Health. Someone Health is a varied team of Bulk Billing Psychologists who are available for video and telephone Counselling 7 days a week. And, for most Australians it's free under Medicare. Visit Someone Health to find out more.
Please remember that if you feel you are in danger due to an act of self-harm or you do not feel safe, please call emergency services on 000.
We have a team of counsellors available 24/7 that would be happy to discuss your concerns and possible options. You can contact Beyond Blue either via phone 1300 224 636 or through Beyond Blue Online Chat. The Beyond Blue safety planning app might be worth looking at, too. You can read about how it works and where to download it here.
Thank you for trusting our supportive community and sharing your experiences, we hope you find the shared insights and advice of our members helpful.
Warm regards
Sophie M

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Hi, welcome


I read a few things in your post that stand out. Guilt, shame, concerned what others think. Do we tell the truth to anyone that asks? Do we clam up totally and suffer the consequences of bottling events up? Like most things in life the answer is somewhere in the middle. That "somewhere" is the ideal place where YOU are protected the most.


So, there is a need to know rule. Your optometrist has no reason to know so he/she can be told a white lie "l fell over". Privacy is justified.


As for self harm, what is normal? It is very important to get this in perspective in that you are an individual among 9 billion others, your frustration and sadness, struggles culminated to result in an action that was normal for you. No it isn't a good thing but you survived and you're now reflecting, assess the situation and move forward with more knowledge on your own limits.


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