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How to save yourself- from yourself

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Thankfully, I'm a survivor. Like many of you reading this however, I could have become a statistic. I dont venture into that day in 1996 very often or it becomes non productive. I had been abused for 11 years. I have bipolar, depression and dysthymia. How did I survive?


Endurance Not everyone has my endurance and I'd say that quality has been the top reason for my survival. But how have I used endurance? We often mention distraction on this forum to be used in many situations like deflecting trauma, moving your thoughts onto other things. A very good tool. Well my endurance was made easier through distracting myself from the trauma at hand.

Medication Purely a topic for your professional medical person but I decided early on that I was unique and therefore would not take much notice of what I "should" be on. I perfected my meds with the help of my Dr especially with dosage. This was a regular assessment over many years and to get it right in the end was truly worth the perseverance. 

Follow your fitment For me I was a city kid that enjoyed holidays on relatives farms. So at 17yo I left the city to join the defence. Eventually I's settle in a country town. This was very important for me. Environment is important to fit into.

Employment Being unstimulated in your work can prolong depression. To seek out your ideal job likely needs commitment in education, a double edged situation. In some work, on the job training is better suited. I found 2 or 3 part time jobs were better than one full time. 8 hours working with the same people tested my limits. Refuse shift work.

Sleep I needed a CPAP. Quality sleep is essential

Self praise Fact is, we need praise but rarely get it. Give it to yourself. Be your best friend. 

Reject the destructibles There is a high percentage of people in society that will not serve you well. Be wary, be choosy, pick your friends and family that are a benefit to you. 

Enjoy Love life. Watch a flower bloom, a bee seeking nectar, buy a puppy. The basics are worth your focus.

Give I feel we are on this planet to give to others but you should have a limit. Too much giving leads to giving to some that will take advantage. Be wary and "charity begins at home".


Any input?




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Hi TonyWK,


Wow thank you for the inspiring post.


Mental health conditions have no boundaries and they really can effect any one of us.


I believe like you that while we are in the thick of our conditions that it takes a lot of endurance and perseverance.


Its when we start to reach our recovery we can see what the storm was all about.


Sometimes we can find ourselves in search of the perfect life but sometimes it’s right there in front of us we just need to acknowledge the small things because they are actually the big things in life.


Just slowing down and appreciating the present moment is something so small to do do but in the big picture of life I believe it’s the most fulfilling.

Hi Petal


Re: "I believe like you that while we are in the thick of our conditions that it takes a lot of endurance and perseverance".  


The problem for dome is that endurance is like patience, you can't buy it. As a boy I was impatient and my family members would say "find some patience ". I'd reply "where do I look"?


The same impatient people will start saving for a new car but cannot wait 3 years for it so they'll seek a loan they cannot afford, that's when a vicious cycle begins.


So many of those with mental health issues dig themselves into less than ideal situations. As the people around them prosper financially, romantically and career, they are essentially not successful as seen by others. Then the criticisms begin "why can't you save like your brother"?  "If you kept that job you'd have a house now"? 


It expectations like that, that we go deeper within and prefer solitude. Success... gauged by many as - financially secure or stable in many ways. That's fine but oh so boring for us. Lol