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 I’m depressed 

Community Member

I suffer from mental health

I drink I have emotions I have no family friends

im gonna spend my life alone

I’m not like everyone else

I feel bad about myself and I’m depressed because of it

im not interested in changing sober up to what sit alone in this house

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Hey Dally,

It sounds like an incredibly difficult time. We can hear you’re going through a lot, and have been thinking about ending your life. We’re really glad you could share here, it’s a really brave step to have taken.

We’re reaching out to you privately. In the meantime, we’d really encourage you to give us a call on the Beyond Blue Support Service. We are available 24/7 by phone on 1300 22 4636 and our counsellors are really good at talking people through moments like this and working out options for more support. Another option would be ringing Lifeline (13 11 14) or the Suicide Call Back Service (1300 659 467) who can talk it through with you and help you to plan for your safety. The Beyond Blue safety planning app might be worth looking at, too. You can read about how it works and where to download it here. You can even call Lifeline and compete it with one of their counsellors over the phone if you'd like.

We’re sure we’ll hear from some of our lovely community members here on your thread at some point. They’re a really amazing community, and will have understanding, advice and kind words for you. 

Kind regards,

Sophie M

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hey Dally1983,

Welcome to the forum, I'm really sorry to hear of your struggles. Thank you for opening up to the forum and for joining our community.

It sounds like you are stuck in a cycle that appears to have no end. It can be really daunting and discouraging to break the cycle when you feel. you have no reason to do so. Are there any hobbies or activities you once found enjoyable? Is there anything that you would like to try out that you haven't done so? Are there friends or family members that you haven't spoken to in a long time that you might want to reconnect with?

It can be hard knowing where to start or what to do when you are experiencing these types of issues. I think it might be worthwhile speaking to your GP about potentially seeing a mental health professional. They can assess your current coping strategies, mental health struggles and connect you with a psychologist, psychiatrist etc. with the aid a mental health care plan.

Mental health struggles aren't shameful, invalid or a reflection of what you deserve in life. They are often complicated to understand and draining to live with. I just want you to know that there is more to life than the struggles that we face, and that the better we equip ourselves to cope with those struggles, the greater the capacity to feel a sense of fulfilment. It's okay to not know how to cope. It is however important to recognise when you aren't coping and the ways in which you attempt to cope that might not be helpful to you in the long run so that they can be replaced by those that are/will be.

From personal experience, it can be a long and emotional journey. I've benefitted from the help of a mental health professional and re-engagement with my hobbies and community (friends, family etc.). I encourage you to keep re-engaging with this community forum and offer my support to you in your journey.

I wish you all the best!

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Champion Alumni

Hi Dally1983,

Loneliness is an awful feeling, I'm very sorry you're feeling this way. Sometimes even when we are around people we can still feel alone... The forums are a great place to feel connected and get support.

Do you have any hobbies or interests? Maybe you could meet new people are feel more connected through these?

If you're feeling drained or less motivated to put yourself out there, I recommend just starting with some really small and achievable goals and go from there. Maybe you just aim to make your bed each day, or get out for a short walk. This can help to build confidence and routine which can energise you.

It might also be a good idea to have a chat with your GP about how you're feeling to see if they can offer support.

Let us know how you're going when you can.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Dally, I hope you are still checking your thread because it is important to feel as though other people may either relate to what you are saying or can understand the position you're in.

People who suffer from any MI of course have emotions, it's just that they may have no one who is prepared to listen to them or who want to take the time to hear their problems, and when this is the situation, then people may have the tendency to turn to alcohol, so you can't blame yourself, as all you want is to numb yourself from these concerns.

Everybody is different and each person tries to cope with their problems in a way that doesn't suit another person and may not be accepted by many, but it's not their concern that worries you, it's something you do for yourself.

Eventually people will want to approach you and hear your concerns without any judgement being made.

If you want to get back to us, all we want to do is listen to you.