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I have had multiple attempts to end my life

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After years of every abuse I could imagine from my ex, I was drinking more and believing her when she said everyone hated me including my kids. I was and will be, a great father when I can see them again. After my ex constantly telling me to kill myself, I did try to kill myself multiple times except this time it was significant. She put an intervention order on me saying she was stressed, intimidated and scared about what I’d do to the kids. Although, I have not been violent to them and only took her bait after being kicked out over tiny things and threatened with harm and never seeing my kids again. Which has always been my greatest fear, now it’s come true. So I attempted again. It didn’t work. So now, I’m fighting for my kids and myself. I have even given up taking my chronic pain medication after she forever called me a junkie for taking them. God has got me through the last 4 weeks. I hope I can fight all of this.
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Hi there Grommet,
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us today, Grommet. We acknowledge each individual experience, including thoughts and feelings to be their own reality. Therefore, as a community we are respectful, kind and understanding towards each other whilst we are in this space.
The trauma you have experienced through your relationship with your ex is impacting your mental health. Not only is your safety compromised, but the relationship with your kids is divided right now. We hope in time, you will have the space to recover from this trauma and to rekindle and bond with your kids as a loving father.
1800RESPECT is a service with dedicated counsellors who are trained to support individuals’ who are going through trauma. We also want to encourage you to seek out our alternative support lines such as calling Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636 or utilizing our webchat when you are feeling overwhelmed with these thoughts via Beyond Blue Online Chat, we are available 24/7.
Alternatively, we would like to recommend Suicide Call back services, they offer a range of contact methods that can be accessed via Suicide Callback Service or by giving them a call on 1300 659 467. Lifeline on 13 11 14 or at Lifeline both of which are services designed to support individual’s struggling with suicidal thoughts. If at any point, you are worried about your own safety, please do not hesitate to reach out to 000.
Your mental health and safety is so important to us. And we want to support you in seeking the help you need in keeping yourself well.
In the meantime, as we wait for others to respond to your post. We invite you to browse the forums to seek mutual standings and connections. You are not alone; we are all in this together.
Warm regards,
Sophie M

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Champion Alumni

Hello Grommet, it's saddened to hear not only what you have been put through, but also the emotional abuse you have received by your ex and causing this happen and because of this, it can make a person turn to alcohol, which doesn't actually solve any problem but adds more drama to the situation by your ex.

I'm pleased you have posted your comment and you must realise that your kids love you for who you are and may not listen to their mother because the same could be happening with them.

If your doctor has prescribed chronic medication for you, then that's what they feel you may need and wait for your kids to try and contact you, this will probably happen as they love you.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Grommet,

I'm so sorry to hear about the abuse and pain you must be feeling from all the issues with your ex, and now being separated from your kids as well. It sounds like the situation with seeing your kids is very complicated, and I really hope you get a chance to see them soon. I understand a lot of your drive to keep on fighting is for them, and I think that says a lot about how much you love them. As you said yourself, it sounds like you were a great father and continue to be now as you fight to see them again.

Please have a look at Sophie M's different support services. I understand there will likely be challenging times ahead and while you can always message us here, I hope you can also get support at critical times if you need it. I also felt suicidal quite a few years ago and it was a really horrible time for me - I hope we can help you through that pain as well while you work towards seeing your kids again