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I give up! What's the point?

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What's the point? No-one cares... Even now I've called twice and no-one calls back! I've been house ridden since Xmas basically and still noone cares .. I don't have a life anymore all I do is let people down. I'm done being a failure and letting everyone down including my son!

no-one cares so why should I? 
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Community Champion

Hi Kitty88, welcome


I used to have that approach due to anger or more- disappointment. People always letting me down. Then I thought, maybe it's better if I led by example? Eg not being like them? What if I was the parent I know is a good dad and patted myself on the back instead of demonising myself. 
That transgression took about 5 years maybe more to change, then I 1/ would not take criticism from anyone unless they displayed tact 2/ I would allow others to act negatively until they asked for advice- then I'd say "well you asked for advice here it is..." then tell them where I think they are wrong or could improve, but I'd do it in a way that wasnt nasty. 3/ I would reach goals... 1,2,5 and 10 year goals. 


In some ways we are too hard on oursleves. As a parent you are likely a great parent, but your low self esteem doesnt allow you to believe in that notion. Your priceless child is likely to never want another for their company, their advice etc. You are it!. 


Is there anything other than feeling down that is saddening you? Feel free to mention anything within the forum rules.



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Hi Kitty88,


I hope you are doing well, truely.


What point are you hoping for?  I think that somebody cares, it may just not feel like it at times.


Failure is a harsh absolute term, I am wondering if you do believe in small successes?

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Hi Kitty88,


Can I ask if when you say that no one cares, that includes your son? I’m sure that your expectation for you as a parent might not meet your standards, but for your son, it may not be the same.


Most times when you’re so deep in the pain and battles and misery, you drown in it and it blurs your vision and clouds your judgments. When the demons speak, it’s so hard to not listen, I mean reality is so cruel. However, reality isn’t as dark when you look at the little sparkles here and there and recognise the small achievements. 


Think about it,