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Re: Depression - the beast arises

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With my depression comes significant SI, its a mix of everything going on and its more escape fantasy but its been pretty bad with plans and means, the only thing stopping me is I dont want my sister to grow old alone. I mean thats a big part of why but there is still some hope etc. So I am safe and not a threat to myself or others. 

One of the things feeding into my depression is the amount of pain Im in, its a lot, Im on pain patch, really stong pain meds and strong pain med for break through pain. Im on a ton of pain killers and Im still in pain and I cant really do much, most of my day is sitting in front of the tablet messing about, with plenty of appointments thrown in.

Again I have no intentions and am quite safe, its more an observation than a desire

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Hi Malen,


Thank you for opening up here. Chronic pain is a big risk factor for depression and suicidal thoughts. Here is a great beyond blue fact sheet about the links between chronic pain and depression as well as some strategies you can follow. There are also some references if you are interested in doing any research whilst on your tablet.




Feel free to have a read and let us know how you go.