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Can’t work out if I want to sink or swim

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Hello all my struggling fellow students of life I won’t ask if you doing well because we’re here lol I will hope you feel better or at leased make it through another day join last night instead of a sudden end worked out by reading posts I don’t really have anything to say lol
but how did we get hear
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Community Champion

hi and welcome to beyond blue. I take it you are a fan of the muppets. I was talking with a couple of people about muppet characters and my character was scooter.

sometimes what we don't say is more than what we do say. I hope you were to have an OK day. Can you tell me what made you decide to post her? I would be very interested in hearing your story. I hope you will come back and share a little more of yourself.


Thanks for the welcome Smallwolf always liked scooter to thanks for the reply I had decided to end it all that night but decided to sleep instead my story is a little long and a little to boring to go threw I’ve been reading every ones story’s on here and can relate to most of them at one time or another it’s a weird thing as of late the sense of urgency has left may be its age but I survive all day and decide each night I am to most people a strong man and don’t fear death but at the risk of upsetting others I have attempted suicide once before And it is not a pleasant thing and as I found out not as simple as I thought so I’ve decided if I am to leave it must be that way in saying that don’t send the cat team It not a plan lol I feel sorry for everyone here at the start of there journey and hope it a short stay and life turns for them Thanks again smallwolf though you deserved the reply

Hello Fozzie bear, welcome and it's good you've been reading other comments or threads and by doing this could be out of curiosity, but from what you've told us it's for a specific reason and no story or experience that's troubling you should be kept to yourself, and this is because it only harbours an increase in negative thoughts.

All the people here have struggled with their own type of depression and many will be able to relate to what you, unfortunately, have had to suffer from, so please when you are ready we'd like to hear back from you.