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Your good qualities.

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Hey all,

Is anyone is keen to share some of your good qualities? The things about you that you really like, or that make you a good and valuable human?

A lot of the time we tend to focus on the critical voice inside which might be telling us why we're not so great. But there's a voice of self kindness in there too, even if it's hard to find sometimes.

I am going to try and make it to 10 good qualities, even if it takes me a little while, and I'd love for you to join in.

x quince

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I'm empathetic.

I try to be kind.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Quince

Thankyou for the positive thread topic! You are an empathetic and kind person

  • I do my best to treat others like I be treated
  • sharing my experience and providing support on the forums to people that are doing it hard
  • being able to really listen to people

my kindest always


Good idea Quince

I may not be a good speaker, hardly verbally speak at all. But I have been told I listen extremely well to other people. So I do like that part about me

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Excellent idea,

I treat people with kindness and respect, The way I want to be treated.

I'm pretty empathetic

I'm really good at listening.

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Thanks for organising this quince 🙂

I like to think I intrinsicly value people and respect them no matter how different they are in their background or beliefs, and I believe that you can become friends with people even if you are really different. I like this quality about myself because I feel it helps bring people together and spreads positivity, acceptance, and kindness.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

I love the positive space you have created quince!

My qualities are:

I'm kindhearted

I'm lucky to be educated and want to use my education in helpful, constructive ways!

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Thanks so much for your contributions everyone. It's so lovely to read about all the good qualities you find in yourselves. Please keep coming back to add to your list!

A couple more for me:

I'm tenacious.

I'm a good listener.

I'm principled. (Though this is a frustrating one because it plays into perfectionism and it's hard to uphold my principles and ethics all the time.)

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi quince

Once again, thankyou so much for starting the thread. Some qualities can go either way, you are right- which is why we have to frame them positively and consider how they can work for us! It's a great self-reflective exercise!