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Where is your safe space?

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Do you have a happy place? A place where you can exhale, and feel okay, if just for a moment?

Is it your backyard, or a shed you work in? Is it at the gym? Do u breathe a sigh of relief when you close the door to your therapists office, knowing you can talk about ur life without inhibition?

When I was 22 I became a gym-junkie. I went to a gym that was mostly older people and wasn't about body-pride but was truly about being fit and strong. I used to love going there, zoning out, and reading magazines or watching music videos on the gym tvs. I think it was important to have a phsyical place that I felt welcomed and okay. The gym trainers all knew me and told me I was doing great at my regimen... it was a warm place to go and I went often. It was safe.

What's ur fave happy space?

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In my garden 🙂

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Sleepy21

Thankyou for the great thread!

  • Landscaping/Gardening this steep block I live on....I find peace in caring for the earth we live on
  • Being able to close the door to the Beyond Blue forums and watch a good movie
  • Having my cell phone switched off is wonderful safe place when I need some peace

my kindest always


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

yay lots of great gardening and nature connection - you guys are awesome connecting to the earth and showing love and kindness to plants...

I have found comfort in having a pet to care for when i would pet-sit - that was such a happy zone for me. Building trust with an animal is so nurturing.

A safe place is so important to my recovery.

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Using the initial thread title...

My "safe place" is in a very select few peoples company. It is not a "place" as such.

My happy place? That's more difficult. I'm not entirely sure if I have one. At least not anymore.

hey unbeliever... i don't have a happy place either...i identify also more with the idea of a safe place

happy is a lot for me too. Thanks for drawing that distinction.

I think sometimes in society ppl talk about "safe spaces" these days and it makes sense to me how important it is to feel safe.

The point about ppl creating a safe space is very much how i feel too.

I don’t have a “safe place”

Hello Sleepy, a lovely thread you've created.

The place we treasure as our 'safe space' may change daily, hourly or weekly when suffering from this illness, depending on the situation we are currently facing, for example, it might be the garden but then the house is sold for a specific reason, then we lose interest in the garden because of the disappointment it's caused and now does not seem to find the serenity we're looking for, so we have to find something else.

There is a certain importance of having a ‘happy place’ and know that it's safe and be able to go there frequently or when the time arises, but if for any reason this is taken away from us can cause emotional and perhaps physical problems that will relate back to our condition.

The place I found to be safe was potting around in my shed or fixing something up, major or minor in the house before it was sold, this may mean, removing a wall or installing a spa, although hard work I found it to be comfortable and when I feel like this, it's a safe place to be for me.

Best wishes.


my safe space is here, I put my trust in you all and I benefit. It is important to find a space that allows me to express my issues without fear. best wishes to all in finding peace

good point amberlite that we also put our trust in a place and let our guard down in that place.

i do it very gradually over time opening up and allowing someone or somewhere to exist as a safe place. thank u amber