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45.... Perimenopause?

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I can’t find a better forum to post this thread...sorry if in wrong place.

45 years old, always have felt and acted young! Aging never bothered me until..now! In last year, Ive turned 45, been thru the Covid world, gotten enagaged and decided to try to fall pregnant....And my anxiety has gone to defcon levels. And when not anxious, Im often depressed or bordering on. I worry myself, in terms of the levels (lack of) of my confidence, self esteem, empowerment and physical change, not to mention anger and lack of control at times.

The contrast of me now to 2019 is overwhelming different (and to me, not better).

Am wondering of this phase is being driven by perimenpause, or is this phase mimicing PM or are they running 2gthr or what?! I feel like Im a 15 year old again but in an old body.

Any other ppl out their in same/similar position? What is your story?

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome Annie,

Thanks for your post. I am sorry you are having difficulties.

Have you discussed with your doctor what you have written here.?

I know per menopause can be so difficult. The more information you get will help you.

Can you write down how you feel each day so you can see there is a pattern ?

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hello and welcome,

I've been there,done that. Quirky is right. A chat with your GP would be good and perhaps a blood test to check hormone levels.

Perimenopause can start years before you reach menopause. Perhaps you could also keep a diary of how youre6freling and dates to see if there's a pattern?

Wishing you all the best.

Cmf x

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Hi Annie,

I went into menopause in my 20s due to having to have a hysterectomy at 25 and your symptoms do sound pretty much how i feel when im not on hormone treatment. Its very debilitating but with saying that when i turned 45 i suddenly felt aging coming on. I feel young inside but my body is telling me a different story .

You need to definitely go to your GP and tell her and hopefully she will get you in for a blood test to check your hormone levels.