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Walking Shoes - Walking and Other Exercise

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Hey to anyone reading this.

Last night I had an idea about starting a new thread about exercise especially walking. I am aware that walking is very beneficial for our mental, emotional and physical well being. And by actually doing it....well it can make a huge difference to how we cope with the storms that we face in life.

OK, I am not real good at disciplining myself to walk, and have to really push myself to do it. And sometimes it is even hard to leave this bedroom. Anyway I am not a beginner walker, as I have stuck to sort of a plan before. So I know that it does make me feel somewhat better. But I only stayed on the plan for a couple of months, then gave up.....for whatever reason. So here I am again wanting desperately to not fail this time.

So I guess this thread is for anyone that does walk, anyone that is struggling to walk because of depression or anxiety issues. And anyone else really......

I am unsure of the outcome of all this. But my ideas included: Sharing about things we have found out about exercise especially about walking. Writing down the reasons that one would chose to walk ( like something to help motivate). Being accountable in same way. Sharing about the places where we actually do walk, like the beach, gym, around the block, with the dog, out to the clothesline and back. And any other useful tips that could help others. So here we go......


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Eagle Ray
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Valued Contributor

Dear Dools, Shell and All,


That sounds like a really lovely walk in the National Park with your sister. It's nice being able to see the kangaroos fairly close and get some photos. I like how they scratch too. Two days ago I was driving next to a paddock very close to where I live and there were about 300 in a paddock. It was a warmer afternoon and they were mostly resting.


I went for a walk this afternoon in the woodland across from where I live. I often see kangaroos there but not today. There are lots of wildflowers coming out - white, yellow, orange, pink and purple. I will go back on a day when it is less windy to do some photography of them. When it is windy they blow about a bit making it difficult to get a sharp shot. It was sunny when I left for my walk but I could see the clouds coming up. I felt the first drop of rain just as I was getting home.

Good on you Guest-1055,

Yes walking is great once you get into the habit. I had burnout several years ago (I used to be a teacher). Anyway, I lay on my couch for several months, then decided to do a 10 minute walk each day. I feared people would think I was drunk because I could only shuffle along but it became easier and easier.

Now I'm into healthy eating and I walk to the organic vegetable shop each day so I can buy super fresh veges. It's about 15 mins walk from my place so I get some exercise and some good food.

Incidentally, I'm feeling so well now that I've taken up Pilates - one hour lesson a week and 15 mins practise four times a week, using a YouTube video. I'm seventy-two and I feel great!

So I recommend you keep walking Guest-1055.

Warm regards,


Eagle Ray
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Valued Contributor

Dear Ruchju, Shell and Dools,


Ruchju, your post is really inspiring. I love the sound of the local organic vegetable shop that you can walk to and being able to select super fresh veggies that day to make delicious, healthy meals. I’m glad you are feeling so well and are finding joy and health in walking, Pilates and healthy food.


 I am on a walk at the moment and sitting on a bench by the river. It is a favourite spot with some shelter from the wind. The tide is low on the river so sand bars are exposed in the estuary. Pelicans and cormorants are huddled on an island. Many of the pelicans have their beaks in their feathers.


On my way along the path I had an emu wren run across the path in front of me. Then another flew across. They are so delicate with their long tail. Various small lizards scuttled under leaves and vegetation as I walked along.


The sun is nice and warm. I can hear the motor of a boat in the distance. I’m going to lie down on the bench for a bit of a rest now.


Take care everyone.

Hello All and welcome to Richju,


I managed a slow walk today with many stops in a reserve. There were lots of tall gum trees and some spring wild flowers starting to emerge. I heard quite a few birds, many were in the tree canopy and I could not see them and have no idea what they were. I did hear a kookaburra though and stopped to listen to it.


The path meanders amongst the trees and bushes and goes past a narrow dry creek bed. I noticed in the past trees have fallen over with huge roots and a mass off dirt still connected to the base of the tree trunks.


An area that sometimes contains water was lush with grasses, bushes and a mass of different plants. In amongst the grass was a kangaroo, snoozing there in the sunshine. I used the bird hide to look at the kangaroo resting where in some wet years there is water. 


The area was so green, calming and refreshing. The sun shone behind the clouds now and then and I felt calmer and more at peace when I left that place.


Hi Mrs D, Eagle Ray and welcome Ruchju.


I felt encouraged reading what you said Ruchju, so thankyou. 


I liked reading about all your walks.


I have mostly been walking around here. I saw some cute bunnies hopping in the long grass in someone's backyard. The backyard is a bit wild looking and backs onto the rec area here. There was quite a few of them. I also patted the horse a couple of times. 

Hey all you walkers,

It seems that walking and writing go hand in hand. There have been some beautiful descriptions of the natural environment.

I enjoy walkinng but I also enjoy writing and belong to a great writing group that meets twice a month. Several members are published authors snd we all give and receive constructive feedbsck. It's honest but delivered in such a positive way. I have learnt to be vulnerable in this group and gained a lot of confidence.

It's 2.40 am and I can't sleep. We've just had a big thunderstorm. It's great to be able to connect with you all to share ways of warding off depression and anxiety.

I might go for a walk when the sun comes up. I love early morning walks when everything looks so new and delicate.

The most beautiful sight I ever encountered was at about 5 o'clock one morning. The ocean was black and pink clouds toasted by the rising sun were mirrored in that black sea. There was just a sprinkling of lights to complete this majical scene. It was breathtaking.

Warm regards to all you positive people.

Richju xxxx

Dear Bluey_moon,

I appreciate how busy young mums are but, as you mention, walking is so beneficial for our health. I'm sure he kids would love it too. It sure beats doing housework!

Warm regards,

Richju xx

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Fabulous Kazzi! Aren't we lucky to live in such a warm and beautiful country. Walk - it's free!


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Good on you Carol! Put those walking shoes near your front door. I look forward to your next post.

Richju xxx

Way to go Shelly! I have found lists useful as well. I had a list of things to do to combat cravings when giving up smoking. Walking was one item on that list and I found it most helpful. Even now, twenty years later, I will go for a walk when feeling anxious.

Richju xx