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Walking Shoes - Walking and Other Exercise

Community Member

Hey to anyone reading this.

Last night I had an idea about starting a new thread about exercise especially walking. I am aware that walking is very beneficial for our mental, emotional and physical well being. And by actually doing it....well it can make a huge difference to how we cope with the storms that we face in life.

OK, I am not real good at disciplining myself to walk, and have to really push myself to do it. And sometimes it is even hard to leave this bedroom. Anyway I am not a beginner walker, as I have stuck to sort of a plan before. So I know that it does make me feel somewhat better. But I only stayed on the plan for a couple of months, then gave up.....for whatever reason. So here I am again wanting desperately to not fail this time.

So I guess this thread is for anyone that does walk, anyone that is struggling to walk because of depression or anxiety issues. And anyone else really......

I am unsure of the outcome of all this. But my ideas included: Sharing about things we have found out about exercise especially about walking. Writing down the reasons that one would chose to walk ( like something to help motivate). Being accountable in same way. Sharing about the places where we actually do walk, like the beach, gym, around the block, with the dog, out to the clothesline and back. And any other useful tips that could help others. So here we go......


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Such a beautiful walk Eagle Ray. Thankyou for sharing it xxx

Thank you Shell πŸ™ I hope you are doing ok and maybe getting to do some nice walks too. Big hugs to you πŸ€—

Hello dear Shell,


I went for a walk this afternoon and thought of you and your walks and wondered how you are going. I hope you are going ok and have been able to do some nice walks.


Today I walked by the river. I came across a white faced heron who walked across the path. He or she was not flighty and I just stopped and hung out with the lovely birdy until cyclists came along and we both had to move. But even then the heron did not fly away and just went onto the grass.


Further along I saw a couple of large stingrays then a smaller eagle ray (my namesake). The eagle ray had sand on his or her back. They often bury themselves in the sand and you can only just see that they’re there on the bed of the estuary. I pointed out the rays to a woman who was excited to see them and took out her phone to take photos.


It was very warm and the sun had a bite to it. I came home and fell asleep on the couch and only just woke up. I always find I see something interesting on a walk.