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Walking Shoes - Walking and Other Exercise

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Hey to anyone reading this.

Last night I had an idea about starting a new thread about exercise especially walking. I am aware that walking is very beneficial for our mental, emotional and physical well being. And by actually doing it....well it can make a huge difference to how we cope with the storms that we face in life.

OK, I am not real good at disciplining myself to walk, and have to really push myself to do it. And sometimes it is even hard to leave this bedroom. Anyway I am not a beginner walker, as I have stuck to sort of a plan before. So I know that it does make me feel somewhat better. But I only stayed on the plan for a couple of months, then gave up.....for whatever reason. So here I am again wanting desperately to not fail this time.

So I guess this thread is for anyone that does walk, anyone that is struggling to walk because of depression or anxiety issues. And anyone else really......

I am unsure of the outcome of all this. But my ideas included: Sharing about things we have found out about exercise especially about walking. Writing down the reasons that one would chose to walk ( like something to help motivate). Being accountable in same way. Sharing about the places where we actually do walk, like the beach, gym, around the block, with the dog, out to the clothesline and back. And any other useful tips that could help others. So here we go......


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Ahhh, Shelley, are you checking up on me?

I am not a regular walker by any means.  I try to take Holly for a walk of around 30-40 mins twice a week roughly.  That will depend on weather and work commitments.  About once a month I will get out to the beach (20 mins drive) and have an hour long walk along a nice quiet beach.  I dont go during school holidays though, as its too busy then. Holly loves going to the beach, and is very good when meeting other dogs and people.  A very social little dog, unlike her 'Mum'.  And no, I have never used any of those counter devices.

Other than walking, I try to get to an organised Pilates Class at a gym in town once per week.  For me thats about all I can manage, both physically and time-wise.

A hug back to you.

Sherie xx

This is a really motivating thread. I enjoy hearing about others walks and it motivates me to do my walk. I walked with my daughter today as she is down for the weekend. I did the uphill section with steps again and was less breathless. We then walked a longer way back so I'm progressing. One of the things I miss since my husband became blind and unwell is being able to walk like we used to. Now I feel like I have to watch him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself and guiding through difficult terrain is hard work rather than fun like it used to be. One of my goals is to do more on my own without feeling guilty so I can have a break from the caring role. 

Elizabeth - sorry i missed earlier post.  I understand your hiking trips with your husband were many years ago now.  I'm sorry to hear of his ill health.     I used to have a walking buddy years ago when i was doing the hikes across Melbourne.    Sometimes he would come other times he said enough is enough and i left by myself with a screwdriver and bottle of water.  I think i got too obsessive because i started to make my backpack heavier and heavier with all the paperbacks.   Everest Base Camp sounds grand!   I just watched the movie Everest last weekend.  



Well, its definitely not walking weather here today.  Despite my best intentions, 34C is just too hot to get out there doing exercise.  Its only 10.30am and its already 33C.  So I'm afraid I am letting the team down today.  Sorry guys.

But I do like hearing about all your walking adventures, and trials and tribulations.

Today it will just be a battle to try to keep cool.  Perhaps a drive in the car is my best option?  At least it has air conditioning, which our house doesnt.  Temporary relief is better then none at all.

Anyway, happy walking to you all .....  I have a busy couple of days early this week with work commitments through to Wednesday.  But Thurs/Fri is meant to be a little cooler, so I hope to be back 'treading the pavement' with you all again then.  Friday is looking good for a walk on the beach for me.  Something to look forward to.

Sherie xx

Sherie xx

I agree 33 is way too hot to walk. It has been cooler here lately. I woke up late when my grandson came with their dad for a walk to tire them out before church. I had little sleep last night so I was exhausted. Hence I did a very short walk with the grandkids. At least I did something. I hate nights like last night as it takes days to get back to feeling more normal again.

Sherie you say you do 2 days of walking the dog per week and a pilates class so that is 3 decent exercise sessions per week. I think this thread is about motivating each other to achieve our personal walking/exercise goals not about competing or feeling guilty comparing each other. 

To all fellow walkers have a good week and I look forward to hearing about your different walks as I am finding this thread helping motivate me to reach my own goals

Community Member

Hugs to all

Sherie I agree with Elizabeth, that is pretty good walking with Holly. And that Pilates group, well I am guessing that is good for your back, wouldn't it be?

Hey Simona you do sound very adventurous, I noted what you said regarding the burning sensation in the back of the legs, yeah I guess it did feel a bit like that. But I was hoping the more I use those muscles the less they will ache like that.?

Elizabeth I am trying to work out whether it is like a rehab you are doing for your ankle, like trying to make it stronger, little by little?

Me, well I was struggling emotionally and physically today. I could not push myself to walk much at all. The only walking I did was up and down the driveway. Our driveway is flat. So I probably only walked about 40 metres. I was still wearing pyjamas so I guess you could say that is a bit adventurous. And I did manage to get out of the house...

Ok bye now

Shelley xx


I am glad you got out of the house to walk down the drive. I am doing rehab for my ankle including specific exercises but I am wanting to get fitter. Being unable to walk properly for almost 5 months left me extremely unfit so the whole body was affected. Several times while my ankle was still bad I tried walking because I was sick of being trapped but this led to me really struggling to get back to home or the car and then being in agony for days. This program of gradually increasing the distance is to stop that happening again and allow me to eventually be able to walk where I want and for as long as I want. I hate being restricted in what I can do and this leads to more depression and negative feelings and then me doing things I shouldn't which then sets back recovery. 

I think I have turned the corner re my ankle so it is more about just regaining fitness so I feel better. I feel fat, ugly & lazy so the regular walks should help.

Hey Elizabeth, I can totally relate to the fat, ugly and lazy thing. Very much in fact. I hate feeling this way. And I also feel so tired with absolutely no energy. And sometimes it is a real effort to walk.

But in your life, in the past you were so fit, that must have felt really good. I don't think I have ever felt really fit, I have always hated any type of exercise. But I am so sick of being emotionally and physically not well, I have to chose to do something. Hence that is one of the reasons I started this thread. I am glad you are feeling motivated to get fitter......way good.

With hugs

Shelley xx

I have never been super fit but I enjoyed walking. I have tried gyms but feel so bad compared to everyone else I give up. I also hate competitive sport as I am no good at it and it makes me feel inferior to everyone else. At least with walking you do it at your own pace and can feel good as you improve so you only have to compare yourself with yourself not all the other superfit people in the world. 

Today I only managed a short walk as I was up for hours in the middle of the night as my husband was sick. He was unable to move without getting worse and becomes very distressed so he is not very logical in his thinking hence it becomes emotionally draining and scarey as he has developed serious illnesses in the past as a result of episodes like last night so managing it to reduce that risk is essential. Today I feel tired and just pushing myself to keep going. If I stop and think too much I'll become really depressed.  

Hugs to all

Hey Elizabeth, Your hubby is so blessed to have you taking care of him like that. I am not sure what else to say in that regard, but I do care.

It was good you were able to manage even a small walk, well that is the way I see it. It would have still used muscles in your body. Sometimes I can manage only small walks as well, but at least we are still moving. I think next time, if all I can manage is a small walk, I will make the most of it. Perhaps making sure I take deep full breaths, to get plenty of oxygen from the fresh air. And maybe try and focus on the beautiful plants that surround my driveway,and be thankful for the chirping noises of the little birds that are sometimes sitting in the trees.  Yes I think I will try this, even if it is only for 10 minutes. Maybe you could too, if you don't already. Just to give yourself a tiny respite or rest in your head and heart from all that loving and caring you give to your dear hubby.

I am not sure if you like hugs, but I will send you a special one Elizabeth, just in case you need or want one.

Shell xx