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Three things to be thankful for today

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Some days it is really hard to find anything to be thankful for when we feel overcome by the darkness and fog of depression. If I look hard enough, I can find something to be thankful for.

I would like to encourage others to write down three things they are thankful for, and to realise there is a sense of hope available to us all. Sometimes it is just a little hard to find!

So my three things for today are:

1: The lovely singing of birds in the morning as they welcome in the new day

2: The ability to read and write

3: A lovely hot shower.

Wishing all the "family" in BB Land a day full of noticing the nice things in life. Kind regards to you all, from Dools.

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Community Member

*My husband, always & forever my husband.

*My dog Poochie.

*Sleep... it’s a good escape.

Community Member

The pool (it was another hot πŸ₯΅ day)

someone remembering to refill the ice cube tray

my pets

Community Champion
Community Champion

Three things I’m thankful for today..

1...having fun bathing my fur babies..

2...Getting soaking wet while I bathed them.πŸ˜‚.

3...Yummy cherry tomatoes of my tomato bush. πŸ…..

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Had another bad day - but, a few things to be thankful for I guess...

1) Double J - and today has been replaying the 2000 hottest 100 plus some more, just finishing up now I think.

2) BB online chat support - first time I had to use it, but glad it is there.

3) All the support from ppl on here including a few threads which are helping me immensely.

1. Feeling able to finally reply to an email.

2. Getting to spend the day with good friends and realising that even though we don't get to catch up often nothing changes.

3. Playing frisbee in the park.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

My wife

my son

my daughter

Today I am grateful:

1) That my anxiety about going back to work tomorrow hasn't been too bad - it has been manageable. I have to admit that on Sunday thinking about work on Monday made me quite stressed.

2) I am thankful that I was able to spend time with my family

3) I know this next one is a very simple one but I am grateful that I was able to relax and take a nap! So underrated!

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chicken soup bread and butter

cuppa tea on the porch

my tiny dog socializing with a gentle older dog

Thankful for

walking in the rain

summer fruit

being able to read

able to buy books at an op shop

Community Member
*My family

*The rain

*My bird