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Switching mindsets

white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

We read so many examples in these pages about lack of motivation. Depression, stress, worthlessness and so on, all reasons that we feel lethargic, in a rut, motionless.

I dont know where this came from, my technique of "reverse switching" as I call it, but I guess its my drive for the end result.

Example. I've purchased paint and brushes to paint our house. I'm watching TV. its ideal weather but I cant be bothered starting the paint project. As soon as I say to myself "I cant be bothered painting today"...I immediately do the opposite!! I rise off the chair and withing 4-5 minutes I have paint on a wall.

Once that occurs, I feel better than sitting on the chair so the mental effort of doing something I dont want to do only lasts 4 minutes. The enjoyment is direct progress (paint on the wall) followed by a great feeling a wall is completed.

However if I drove myself to paint one coat on the whole house with a second coat needed, it would be too long before I'd feel any sense of achievement. Hence two coats on one wall first. Stand back and admire. By the time one coat on one wall is finished a second coat can be applied.

You can see why mentally it becomes a snowball effect.

Once finished I pack the paint away. Then a while later I noticed a small wooden fence hasnt been painted..."oh, I forgot that...I'll do it another time"...bang! Its a negative thought, I'll do it now! The switch effect is used automatically again. Simply not allowing my own mindset of the "easy road" to take hold.

Professional athletes do this. A swimmer swims 100 laps of a pool, as he/she is on that last lap, switch effect means "I'll do an extra 10 laps now".

There is one proviso, one potential problem, those extra baby steps can over extend you, cause more tiredness and be counter productive. Take breaks.

On building sites for example you'll never have tradespersons work all day without breaks. The reason is they would work less effectively with less quantity and quality of work at the end of the day.

So try the switch effect, a total u-turn with tasks. Take rest periods always aware of using the switch effect regularly.

The "switch effect"isnt easy, its a learned thing...a thing that shines with habit. So expect yourself to be challenged...by yourself!. But it can be an great addition to the positive snowball you'll develop that can change your life around.

Let me know if you do this already or if you have tried it.

Tony WK

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Thankyou Dory.

Ahoy there Tony,

Am just checking that you are ok?

Hi Dory

Im very good actually. I do read many posts but dont always respond.

Id join with the others in that if you ever feel comfortable enough to discuss anything go ahead.

Its a no obligation environment here. You have been admired and liked by many here and members are caring for you by reaching out.

By the way fish fingers, having 3 relationships makes you qualified to give advice. Ive had 4, over 7 years each of them (plus hundreds that wanted me but I was a busy boy!)

Just because they failed doesnt mean you didnt learn from those relationships.

So if you feel comfortable and see someone having a relationship problem even a short comment can make a difference.

Have you read (google)

Topic: accepting yourself, the frog and the scorpion- beyondblue

Tony WK

Hubby and I have really not been good since last weekend,

nothing said much to each other,

I keep thinking that's it it's finally ran its course,

This morning I decided.

I have now booked next Thursday arvo to Sunday arvo at a remote fishing destination,hot spa,fire and whatever else I can come up with.

So to all of you I say have a go, turn your thinking around,fight that negative bs you can do it.


Gee Dory, you learn quickly, thats great.

Spas are great. We have one in our bathroom. Luckily we are overweight....we only need 2 litres of water for a spa....;)

Tony WK

You need a bigger boat

Thanks blue two

Tony WK

We have spent 4 days cleaning our house ready for sale.

My left leg blew up due to deep vein thrombosis. I stopped cleaning. I knew I should lie on the floor and raise my leg to ease the swelling but didnt have the patience.

Reverse mindset. I did the opposite. I laid on the floor and elevated my leg. My minni foxy decided to play games with me and her favourite tugging toy.

At the end of 20 minutes my leg was much better. Reversing mindsets works.

Tony WK

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Tony,

Dear me, I do hope you are ok. I wasn't aware you were selling, I am still undecided on what to do. My anxiety is playing up today so trying not to dwell on things.

Little miss has the day off school today, it is going to ne 36 degrees. She wants to go to the pool, as I don't feel the best I don't feel like going and i feel guilty as the older 2 are at school. I think I am going to put on our bathers and just go for a few hours. It is a salt water pool too.


white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion


I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier. Been very busy as you can imagine. Even though we are in Victoria and will still be in this state we are going to have an above ground pool in our next new home. It's just essential we think.

See, we figured out that with both of us having depression (plus I have bipolar and dysthymia) we have to have the basics in place. Financial security is essential as is, a pool in hot weather, a reliable car, no debt (or for many minimal), no issues like house rot, white ant etc all those things that will tip us over.

We are luckier than some.