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Switching mindsets

white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

We read so many examples in these pages about lack of motivation. Depression, stress, worthlessness and so on, all reasons that we feel lethargic, in a rut, motionless.

I dont know where this came from, my technique of "reverse switching" as I call it, but I guess its my drive for the end result.

Example. I've purchased paint and brushes to paint our house. I'm watching TV. its ideal weather but I cant be bothered starting the paint project. As soon as I say to myself "I cant be bothered painting today"...I immediately do the opposite!! I rise off the chair and withing 4-5 minutes I have paint on a wall.

Once that occurs, I feel better than sitting on the chair so the mental effort of doing something I dont want to do only lasts 4 minutes. The enjoyment is direct progress (paint on the wall) followed by a great feeling a wall is completed.

However if I drove myself to paint one coat on the whole house with a second coat needed, it would be too long before I'd feel any sense of achievement. Hence two coats on one wall first. Stand back and admire. By the time one coat on one wall is finished a second coat can be applied.

You can see why mentally it becomes a snowball effect.

Once finished I pack the paint away. Then a while later I noticed a small wooden fence hasnt been painted..."oh, I forgot that...I'll do it another time"...bang! Its a negative thought, I'll do it now! The switch effect is used automatically again. Simply not allowing my own mindset of the "easy road" to take hold.

Professional athletes do this. A swimmer swims 100 laps of a pool, as he/she is on that last lap, switch effect means "I'll do an extra 10 laps now".

There is one proviso, one potential problem, those extra baby steps can over extend you, cause more tiredness and be counter productive. Take breaks.

On building sites for example you'll never have tradespersons work all day without breaks. The reason is they would work less effectively with less quantity and quality of work at the end of the day.

So try the switch effect, a total u-turn with tasks. Take rest periods always aware of using the switch effect regularly.

The "switch effect"isnt easy, its a learned thing...a thing that shines with habit. So expect yourself to be challenged...by yourself!. But it can be an great addition to the positive snowball you'll develop that can change your life around.

Let me know if you do this already or if you have tried it.

Tony WK

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Hi Tony,

This morning I was feeling rather flat,trying to think of ways how to fix things ie marriage,children,house,meet new friends,how to post properly on here,round and round it went. I could feel myself being pulled under.

two choices, be pulled down more and feel even worse OR get of my butt and just keep swimming.

so,I got out of my ugys,opened all the windows,made the bed,shut all kids doors,put the radio on (loud) did three loads of washing,vacuumed,cleaned kitchen,half cooked dinner (silverside and vege) watered garden,cleaned out chooks,cleaned fire out and started. Made rock cakes,did some ironing,spent time with my son. I might of forget something.

Thi s was all great cause I was busy and I forced myself and I didn't spiral down.

Problem is I haven't fixed any problems.

Do call in on your way home,free camping 😃



You did exceptionally well. All those tasks...wow!

In some ways we are alone with our mental illness. It isnt fair to put expectations on our partners to understand us ans be supportive to us when they havent experienced a mental illness themselves.

A petson from Mongolia can explain what its like to live there, unless we visit we'll never really "get it".

So that means you can do all of these chores but to seek some personal reward it has to also come from you. It is fair for you to say "if I switch my mindset and do these tasks today...I'm going to visit a cafe and have a coffee and read the newspaper ". Instead of "I've done all these chores my partner better notice"!

A friend of mine said "Tony, you have to carry your own cross".

Since you've started posting here I've noticed a remarkable improvement in your communication Later. You are asking more questions and others are noticing your sense of humour.

You belong here. You are advancing. Good on you.

Tony WK

Hi Tony,

You make me feel stronger everyday.

I think you need a thread or maybe there is already.

You talk the opposite to how we think,bit like my black/white mindset. Maybe you now think like the others?

Nah,once struck by lighting never the same.

I have never thought of doing stuff for me. It has all been for them,and yes when I don't get appreciation I feel I have failed.

hope all is good with you,and Thankyou



And old man told me once " the best mountains are climbed alone...and if others want to understand us they better get their hiking boots on"

Feelings of personal worth is a good feeling. To value yourself, pampet yourself and be comfortable watching a bee farming for nectar, an eagle soaring the warm air or giggling at newspaper cartoons as you sip thst coffee.

Life can be sooo good.

Later, you are as special, just as much as anyone else.

Tony WK


Every day since this thread started I am constantly telling myself change my thoughts.

I stumbled across this looking for someone here that has been crying out for me.

Was going to ask where my big guns where ,then I found you.

not funny,you made me cry again.😥


This thread takes me to a major core,

With strength,courage, and wisdom we CAN control ourselves!

Yes Dory, our potential is never realised by ourselves. ..it often takes someone else to create the spark that fires us into an idea we never thought possible.

I suppose its like...the eady way is to lounge around and not go for that walk. Then do the opposite.

Practice makes perfect

Tony WK

It is so nice to see you today,

you are my spark



What are the weapons that can fight mental illness?

Therapy, medication, hospitalization, other people around us helping out, talking, basic support, job changes.

We tend to not realise that insight, the ability for us to know, be aware of our illness and the effect it has on us and others is one of the greatest assets we can have.

But insight is one thing, acting on it is a step rarely taken.

We are usually unaware or incapable of finding solutions to our own mental illness. We are too fixated to enduring the symptoms to consider solutions.

However, with a positive mindset we can overcome many of lifes challenges. As long as we are not unrealistic in our expectations because then its "fake" positivity like a salesman setting targets too high.

With being positive you can achieve so much more than normally you would.

Regardless of my positivity I still have to endure my down periods in life and with my depression. But when out of that Im a fighter.

If I wasnt a fighter it would all be a sad and struggling life. Being a fighter helps balance the seesaw of plusses and minuses. It helps me survive.


Topic: 30 minutes can change your life- beyondblue

Tony WK


The way you have control over your brain,is the key to control our MH.

I know you have bad times,and maybe that is a healthy thing,as hard and destructive it is.

This control,being,maybe calmer,I believe is something we people cry,scream,rebel ,die for. I don't think the others even know about it.

IWhen reading into the forums it becomes very clear to me that they are trying So dame hard to gain control of themselves.

You have often patiently given me the flip side on my life,

So now I know why you are called

White Knight