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Space and Universe

Community Member

Hi Everyone

i was wondering whether I'm the only one on here that feels the same way when watching a space doco or podcast.

Whenever im feeling pretty overwhelmed or stressed, s doco on the universe that makes you feel so small kind of helps with treating anxiety ? It's very hard to explain but I strongly suggest it.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Loco, ABSOLUTELY!!!! I just love looking up at the stars in complete amazement.

Have you ever watch the Space Station flying overhead? NASA have a website you go to, put in your email address and location and you get an email saying when it is going to be overhead. So cool to watch.

Its mindfulness what you are feeling. You are practicing it without even knowing it. It is putting you in the moment where you are thinking of nothing else but the universe.

So so awesome!


Community Member

Yes totally.

I believe we exist in alternate dimensions simultaneously. Time and space is infinite and I won't go into the science behind that, but I'm sure you understand it.

This gives me comfort to think I may exist in an alternate universe and probably achieving different things and taking different paths and likely not in the same pain I presently am in.

The fact I am small and insignificant compared to all that is out there it makes me realise that I have nothing to really worry about at all in the far expanse that exists.